Self-talk For Positive View of Life

The dictionary says it is an act of talking to oneself either aloud, silently and mental or oneself conversation to encourage and motivate phrases and mantras.  Dr. Branch Coslett a cognitive neuroscientist from the university of Pennsylvania explained that base on his research self-talk does shape the physiology of perception. In neuroscience, it is internal remodeling.

Self -talk is a point of view of a person from in his cognitive mind. A thinking that enables us to relate to the situation we are into without the feeling of emotional aspects. WHY? Because a person is detached from his own self, the person that is talking is the third person. It has a huge impact on the possibility of realizing on how other people views us.



Self-talk can be our allied. It has a powerful bearing that can outwit our present predicament. It can help us think both the positive and negative outlook in every situation. Sometimes, it uplifts our spirit, it makes us feel good. It increases our self-confidence, and it boosts on how we treat ourselves. Essentially, it is the self-talk that is correcting our maladaptive behavior. However, practicing self-talk can also attract positive vibes. It is the habit that can release the stress that helps reduce the feeling of depression. It allows us to enjoy life.

Self-talk can sometimes put us in an uncomfortable situation wherein we absently talk aloud the message we are trying to convey to our self. Sometimes, it looks like a person is whispering because there are these moments when the emotions are intense. Basically, It is our emotions that guarantee our actions but when we can restrain and contain by incorporating with self-talk.



I believe that one should practice self-talk. Practice makes perfect. It is easier said than done but, it will help us achieve countering negative thought.  Naturally, when you achieve boosting yourself, remember, Critics judge a person by his actions. And actions are determined by how we think and on what we feel.
Here is some simple  positive self-talk

1)  I can do this.

2) I can handle this

3) I am good at this.

4) I am willing to try.

5) I will keep on trying.


Silently talking to myself is often happens when I get in a situation that I will try to be very brave when I get scared. Reminding myself that someone has been in the same situation and survived helps a lot.
Always be there for yourself. be a good friend, Love and comforts are all we really need from a trusted friend.



  1. Tania K Cowling

    I believe in mantras and try to do them often. It helps me from anxiety. I also self-talk before doing an interview or giving a small speech. I practice in my own privacy before I’m in the presence of people. It helps to calm me.

  2. Jacky Hughes

    An interesting article. It does help. I try to talk positively about myself and others as I find the power of words is very strong.

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