Selling Things On The Internet

I know for some of us, we’re always on the search of making money on-line.  Some people make good money selling things on the internet.  However, when selling things over the internet, one must use caution.  Often times, you hear about some one getting killed by some one who has put an ad online to sell something.  Now there is another reason to be careful about selling or buying online.

It seems as one can even try to sue the person for the product they bought.  However, in this case, though you actually have to have the product you’re suing over!!  To read about what I’m referring to go here  So this man buys a $40 black and white printer, that he has thrown out because of supposedly a”malfunctioning printer with missing parts.”  Even though he tried to sue for the “malfunctioning printer” that he threw away and didn’t even have in his possession.


The seller of the printer spent over 6 1/2 years over lawsuits for a “lawsuit happy” buyer that apparently likes to buy things on the internet and then suing over the product!!  Some people will sue over anything, even though they don’t have the product they’re suing over!!  Of course there are lawyers out there that will take these cases to make a name for themselves.  I don’t know how this man could continue suing , even though he didn’t have the printer?


Some people will sue over anything!!  If people would just use common sense.  Like in this case, once this person tried to sue and didn’t have the printer any other lawsuits that he tried to sue against the person that he bought the printer from should have been thrown out of court!!  If anything the man that was selling the printer should counter sued for stress and defamation of character!!  I’m surprised that there aren’t more counter suits!!  People just want to take advantage of a situation.  Most of the time it’s the person that is suing that has done some thing that they shouldn’t have done or they lied about something!! 


Of course there is always a lawyer out there who will take these cases to make their money!!  They are able to pick out what isn’t in a law or what needs to be made clear about a law.  Just like the case of the McDonald’s hot coffee.  The lawsuit over that was  because some one didn’t “think” that after they ordered HOT coffee, it might  burn them if spilled on them!!  A perfect example if only the customer would have used common sense, but of course a lawyer would see an opportunity to  make some money.


Have you heard of any lawsuits that really shouldn’t have went to court?  It was just a lawsuit happy person wanting to make some money?






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  1. Andria Perry

    I buy and sell on ebay. Last year I inherited a house full of stuff and I did not need much of it so I sold it on Craig`s list but I used my empty rental house and I always had a man there with me. I made $2,000. No I would never sue over a used item.

  2. Gracie

    I have friends that sell a variety of things over the net and make decent money but it’s true most of them have at some point encountered issues over it. Although luckily nothing as large as lawsuits or physical danger! Whew! I think it’s important though to be cautious of safety. Don’t be alone, don’t reveal personal information like home address. It would be lovely if everyone in the world was a nice person but it just isn’t true.

  3. Ann Bailey

    We all need to be careful when selling things online. But it is the way to go these days because you get a much wider audience. Be very careful people!

  4. Sandy KS

    I think people who act like that should be thrown in jail for harassment. Anyone who files a suit hoping it will be ignored in order to win a false case should not have some type of punishment. this man harassed the other man. he should have counter sued with harassment and had everything thrown out of court.

    Yes, I have known people to sue trying to gain money that was not due to them or owed them.

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