Setting Forth with BlogBourne

The Road Less Traveled

There is a poem by Robert Frost called “The Road Not Taken.”

In it a traveler is walking in the woods and comes to a fork in his path.

One way is well traveled, much used and beaten. The second way is clearly still a road, but is overgrown and grassy. After some consideration the traveler decides to take the road less traveled.

The last stanza of this poem reads:

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

So he took a chance on the path fewer people had taken, and seems, in the end, to be happy about his decision.


Right now BlogBourne is brand new. It could hardly be a less traveled path.

Reminiscent of past sites that have go away, it is clearly familiar enough to be a path. But its not a paved road like WordPress or Blogspot or any self hosted blog server.

But it is a path that wants to be a road MORE traveled.

BlogBourne is a social blogging platform encouraging community. After a little time has passed (2 months I last read) they intend to start revenue sharing with their writers as well, splitting ad revenue 50/50. They have tried to learn from the mistakes of other revenue share sites, and think they will be able to float where others have sank before them.

While not paying out YET, you can start accumulating coins for interacting on the site, and these coins will one day turn into real life dollars for you

The path is still being formed, but the way is easy enough. There is a minimum of 200 word for each post you share, which is quite a small word count in my opinion.

They reserve the right to terminate any blog that doesn’t abide by their Terms of Service, but they have provided their TOS in an easy to read format free of the confusing legalese.

Which Road Will You Take

BlogBourne encourages us to “Share your world, Share your story, Uplift Humanity” But in order to share our stories we have to travel.

There are many bloggers with much to share standing in the yellow wood of the internet right now, looking at a fork. They have all been burned, many times, by many different blog sites. They are hesitant to put their time and effort into another place where they are just certain it will disappear beneath them and make their work been for naught.

But there are more adventurous travelers who are going to risk stepping away from the beaten path, onto this path that is BlogBourne.

If you are a brave soul, akin to the traveler in Frost’s poem, and you would like to travel down the road with me and the rest of us at BlogBourne, I encourage you to join using the link below!

(You will earn 100 coins just for joining, and if you join using my link I will receive 50 coins!)

I very much hope to see you there. It is with the strength of Community that we can help BlogBourne grow and prosper!

And if, heaven forbid, BlogBourne’s path should dead end, at least you can say you went along for the adventure!


  1. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    Well, I am here and I said, I would never join another blogging site. I like that BlogBourne is upfront about what they are doing. I like they way they have things set up here. I also believe they have learned from past blogging platforms.

  2. Nona Post author

    @brendamarie I am happy to see you here. I hope that lessons really have been learned and that BlogBourne will grow and thrive. I also hope that they can protect themselves from the users who abuse the system. I’d hate to see it disappear like so many others.

  3. Vinaya

    Well I am also here. The community is building. I don’t think the site will earn substantial amount until it has at least 1000 members.

  4. John

    Love to share this one too!

    Thanks @nonersays!

    We’ve talked a lot of things before the August Official Launch and there are changes have been made since we tested the site from posting, spamming, hacking, the payment of course (with some adjustments of how coins will give to the members), then he insisted that Quality Content should be observed because of Google’s policy regarding the “thin content” of 200 words, etc. I think he will gradually put some “restriction” to members who can provide a rich content and rich “keywords” that that will boost the site with “big earnings” I hope in the future.

  5. Martha DeMeo

    The poem is perfect for this site! I’m very pleased with the ease of the workings of the site and the admins (or owners) are so helpful! Looking forward to growing with BlogBourne

  6. Pat Z Anthony

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Even with the sites that have come to an end, over the years I have earned a tidy sum of money and met so many people. Would not miss that adventure for anything!

    1. Martha DeMeo

      Same here Pat, so many sites have come and gone but the earnings were good and I met some wonderful people also.

  7. Marsha Cooper

    I read that minimum word count is 400.
    It looks to me like you really have it down on how to make your post look nice using the different tools in the editor. I wish I had that all down.

    1. Nona Post author

      It is 400 now. It was lower when it started.

      I’m not as good with the editing as this post makes it look. I can never get the spacing quite right.

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