Setting Up a Girl If She’s Flirting, Fair or Unfair?

Recently, I opened a local video setting up his girlfriend to check either if she’s flirting. Accomplices were formed and the venue was selected. In short, everything was all set.

The boyfriend who planned all these things was shocked upon knowing that his girlfriend flirted with the male accomplice. The video showed a girl sat with the boy in the table in one of the fast foods here in our country. In the course of their casual conversation, the girl denied that she got no boyfriend.

That incident was set up as a social media experiment as a similar social experiment in various situations. In the one example above, does it serve the purpose? Who has benefited from such experiment? Do you like or agree with that kind of “trap”?

Personally, I don’t like that. I may say that it is a display of one’s insincerity of the boy’s love to the girl who is the victim of this anti-social experiment. In law, it is always considered to satisfy the “benefit of the doubt”. It is against the will of the girl and it is unethical to set her up just to catch her flirting.

The proper way to find out the true love of anyone else is to show how the boy takes care of the girl. He should do his best of not letting the girl be fallen into the quagmire of insincerity. What do you think, guys?


  1. Gil Camporazo Post author

    You have the point, @andriaperry. It would be possible. Her present boyfriend doesn’t prove his worth to her. I think admitting without a boyfriend is not a big issue on flirting. In fact, she and her boyfriend haven’t been yet engaged.

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