She’s A Very Strong Woman…

I have a “great” niece who is pregnant.  Now that’s not what is so special because at the age of 19, she already has a 1 year old child!  Now, that doesn’t make her special either…what is so special about her is that she’s only 19 years old and the baby that she is carrying is only surviving off of her fluids.  Once the baby is born, it will more than likely NOT be able to survive as it has no kidneys or liver.  it’s heart beat is very strong though.  Doctors and some family members said she should have an abortion, but she’s NOT!!


I think that makes her a very strong/special woman in my book!!  Many young woman who find out they’re pregnant have abortions or have the child only to “throw it away!”  This woman is keeping it and maybe in ways she hopes a miracle could happen.  I think every thing happens for a reason.  At least she will be able to see the child that she carried in her womb for 9 months.  She will be able to tell the baby good-bye and tell her child she loved it enough so that the child had some kind of life, even if it was just the child’s life in the womb.


I believe that if I were faced with the same situation, that I would do the same.  I wouldn’t be able to abort my child either, even knowing that some thing was wrong with my child.  Some times doctors are wrong and I believe in miracles!!  What do you think you would do if you faced this decision?




photo courtesy of pixabay


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