Shingles at the Age of 43


Most of the articles I read online, older people aged from 50 will have shingles. I am only 43 and I have it now. According to what I read about SHINGLES, most people aged from 50 and up will have shingles not only for once but more than that especially if their system is weak and stress.

First Symptons on my Body

Last week, I had pain on my left back. I thought it was because of sleeping in one position the whole night after my whole day arranging my new place. I was  so tired that whole day. My son went somewhere and I left alone to do the house arranging. That night, I found out that in the morning, the same position when I sleep and wake up in the morning. Then I had that pain on my back at the left side. As the week passed, I also felt that tingling pain on my armpit and on my left upper breast. If I massage it, I can not feel any pain. It’s tingling pain and I was afraid. I was thinking that maybe I have breast cancer. Since I was busy at school, I just feel the pain, never take any pain reliever but continue working. Sometimes, I am thinking what’s wrong with my body but justifying that pain is a result of wrong position in sleeping.

I Went for Massage

Saturday morning, I asked my son to see what is in my back. I took off my blouse and show it to him then he said that there is a band of rashes on my left back. Ah rashes? Well, since Philippines is a warm country, daily is so warm that I always have rashes on my body. Last time, the rashes grows on my neck and face. So, I knew its not serious. I applied baking soda and I know by afternoon I am okay. After church, I went to massage parlor at Guadalupe Mall. I need a massage to heal the pain at my back. Well, the whole one and a half hour of painful massage. My body is full of pain. Then the masseur noticed my rashes. I don’t mind about the rashes.It will go off later.

Rashes Change to Blisters

After massage, I was hoping I am fine. My body became weak and painful because of too much work.I never rest in my life. I hate resting and nothing to do. The rashes became something shocking. By Monday, I saw that I had blisters and it was so painful but still I teach and just feeling the pain. I never take anything for I thought it was just a simple rashes. Tuesday morning, I cannot concentrate on teaching. The pain is too much. I showed it to my co-teachers and they were afraid about it. I went to the clinic and she told me its a shingles and I needed to see the doctor. She accompany me to the clinic. Then sad to say that time is for pregnant women and they scolded our nurse and the doctor let me stay outside  the Guadalupe Viejo Clinic. The doctor seems afraid seeing me setting beside the pregnant women. I was thinking that maybe I have a very contagious disease. But Nurse Jaz explained to me that it is not. It is just shingles.

What is Shingles?

Shingles is an infection of the nerve and the surrounding nerve around it and is cause by a virus called vacirella-zorter virus. This is the same virus that give us chicken pox. Anyone who has chicken pox before  when she or he was young can have shingles when they aged. According to what I read about shingles, when our body became weak and we are stressed too much, the virus will have its reawaken, then it travels to the nerves and come out as rashes then blisters in our skin. The virus never die at first. It just lie down dormant near our spine. When it is reawaken, it will cause shingles, painful and itchy especially if it is about to go. As of now, my skin is too itchy. Yesterday, I felt of cutting my arm so that I will be free of too much itching and pain. Even now, as  I write this, my arm is too itchy while my back has pain cause the wounds are still fresh but it looks black. My friend told me that it is about to be okay. 

Medicines for Shingles 

The medicine for this sickness is so expensive. Acyclover tablet and cream for affected  areas. But oh my God, that cream is so small that I use one for one day and applied to all affected areas in my body. One cream cost of 700 pesos or 15$ and the Acyclover tablets for five days cost me 1000 pesos or 20$ plus the vitamins (20$ also) Good thing, vitamins are free from Planet Pharmacy at Makati. I used my money on buying Acyclover tablet and cream.

Good and Real Friends Never Fail Me 

In time of need, that is the time you will discover who are your real friends. I know them now. Even they are new to me, they prove that they are real and good friends. While at home, my Grade Five Co-teachers advised me to have a rest in my house and they will take my responsibility in all my subjects. I asked financial help from them. They all gave and complete money to buy another Acyclover Cream. Mam Ailene brought the money to Hypermart and gave it to my husband. He bought one for me the other night under heavy rains. He was having a fever that night but he went off to buy one for me. The SDA pastor, pastor Emerson texted me asking how I was, and told me that they will pray for me. I thank him but asked help for another Acyclover Cream. Yesterday afternoon, he came together with our elder and gave me 500 pesos from the church fund and 1000 pesos from our co-members Engineer Garcia. It’s a great help for me. I can buy food and cream. I am so lucky having good and real friends here in Manila. My family are in the province and even I call my mom, she too is weak and sickly and cannot help me with money matters, as well as my brother cos he has a flu. My Christian friends are really good and love me. 

The Secret of Life

Be good to people and treat them well. In return, they will be good to you too. In time of my need, they are with me. I am with them too in their time of need. In life, if we cannot give financial help, we can give spiritual help. We can pray for the needy and the sick. Give advise to those who feel miserable in life. What I mean in every aspect of life, let us show love to them. Sowing love will have a harvest of love. The one that give greatest love is Jesus who died on the cross for everyone of us. As He gave love, we too can give love to others.



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  1. Deb Jones

    I fully understand the pain and discomfort you experienced with your shingles. I had them as a junior in high school on both sides of my ribs at the same time, due, I’m certain to stress that had weakened my immune system enough to allow the virus to activate in my body. I hope your recovery is swift and complete, with no re-occurrences of shingles.

    You stated that you don’t like to be inactive, but maybe you’re not getting rest sufficient to keep your immune system strong.

  2. Coral Levang

    Oh, my goodness. I’m so sorry to see and hear about this. Please make sure you take care of yourself. If you are overdoing it, the stress of that and not getting enough rest taxes your body. I send out healing thoughts and best wishes to you.

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    Yes, even young people have to deal with this virus, which is often a surprise when it happens. Read that keeping our immune system in check (not easy to do if you are a busy parent, student, employee) it can be avoided.

  4. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I’m glad to hear that you were able to get the food and medicine you need while you are dealing with the shingles outbreak. My mother has had a very painful case of shingles that left the inside of her mouth very sensitive because it wasn’t correctly diagnosed. It’s good that you got help promptly, and you have the right medicine for the treatment.

  5. Cris Bernal Post author

    Yes. But that detection is also a little late. Our clerk in school told me that she also experienced shingles before but not too much. Her sister used yellow ginger juice to stop growing and spreading rashes or blisters. If I know that all my rashes leads to shingles, maybe I used that also. As of now, they are drying and they are itchy. I am also impatient waiting for the healing so when it is itchy I can’t stop my nails in scratching them. I asked our nurse if I can take other medicine for fast healing. She said that I still use the acyclover cream. It’s too expensive. She told me to take antihistamine for itchy but she reminds me that I will be sleepy if I take that.

  6. ANDRE' G

    Shingles is an aggressive nervous condition. The candida Albicans live in the human body and is found inside the human gut. People wrongly frown at the condition, but that is so immature and cruel since we all have it! It is extremely vital in the cycle of life as it is this Exoskeletal microbe (outer shell like that of a cockroach) which is responsible for consuming the posthumous human body. It lives in our intestines but if it
    enters the bloodstream it is quite impervious of most chemicals but it can be brought back in check
    by consuming what is called a “Caveman diet” If interested, I can elaborate more about how I brought this disorder back to normal.

  7. Cris Bernal Post author

    @tranquilpen tell more about it. As of now, my shingles are dried up but I feel too much pain sometimes, then very heavy. My coworkers force me to rest at home. hhahahhawell, they are just concerned of me.

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