Smell The Essential Oil and Feel Better

The smell of Essential Oils. Smell is an important sense and it is one that can alter our mood. A certain smell can bring about calm and relaxation. Many have turned to natural smells such as those found in essential oils to achieve this level of well-being.

Essential oils have been used for a long time. Essential oils, in the purest form, have been used since ancient times. They have made a comeback in alternative and naturopathic medicine. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extract oils that have different properties that result in many health benefits. Here are some great go-to’s if this your first time with essential oils.

Lavender–the jack of all trades oil because it’s properties make it highly versatile. Known best as an evening oil, many use it to promote relaxation before bed. One can also use it on the skin to help with sunburns and also as a cleaner and air freshener.

Lemon–a refreshing oil with a great scent. This oil is great to add to water and help aid digestion. Great for around the home to provide a lovely clean fresh scent. Good for eliminating odors.

Peppermint–a remedy for headaches and migraines. It also helps to relax muscles after a long workout when used with a carrier oil. This scent is also great for those with sinus issues. Clears your nose and allows you to breath right away.

Rosemary–the focus oil. Using and having the scent of rosemary essential oil while you work or read can improve concentration and memory.

Lemongrass–the aches and pain away oil. Use this oil whenever your body starts hurting and you get the extra bonus of this scent providing anxiety relief.

Bergamot–the oil for stress and anxiety relief in the workplace. The distinctive citrus scent is well known for being an antidepressant, so use anytime you may be feeling blue or stressed.

Clary Sage–the sleep oil. Hard time falling asleep, have the oil diffusing in your room and be resting in no time. This oil is a natural sedative and in addition, helps relieve muscle tension.

Eucalyptus–the fighting the cold oil. With cold season around the corner, eucalyptus essential oil is sure to be of help. Use in a diffuser to help relieve your sinuses or daily stressors. Not only is it a natural decongestant, it also has plenty of antibacterial properties that will help fight off the cold from the start. Eucalyptus oil is a powerful oil and best used externally oil. DO NOT ingest this oil.

There you have it. A good list of oils to start off with to get used to essential oils. Any favorites from just reading. How do you use your essential oils?

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  1. N Sri Naga Jyothi

    I use Eucalyptus Oil for cold and cough, three drops of oil in the bathing water and I take bath you feel so fresh and light, after three days will be free from cold and cough. No need of taking drugs for cold

  2. Gina M. Menorca

    I have learned that natural oils are really good for our health. We use ginger oil for rheumatism and coconut oil to prevent white hair and also good for skin diseases.

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    Excellent information shared here! Many are not aware of how wonderful essential oils are. Your details will help readers understand so much more. Sharing on Facebook.

  4. Jacky Hughes

    I love using oils. My latest search is for Juniper oil. Cat fleas hate it, it seems. I also suggest YlangYlang for depression. My garden has lavender which has to be the best herb in any form. I like lavender oil and am now, thanks to your article, realising I don’t know what has happened to my oil burner so it is probably time to invest!

  5. Martha

    I love to add essential oils in my diffuser, I especially love the lavender. I also make a facial scrub with coconut oil and add lemon or orange oil, smells so good!

  6. Tania K Cowling

    This is a good list. Unfortunately, I’m super sensitive to smells, but I do enjoy lemon and vanilla. I put a very small amount around the home to freshen the air and take in the healthy benefits.

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