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 Social media dangers


Social media is the craze nowadays. People are almost mad about posting their information and sharing it with friends and family and often people whom they have never met but have been friends online.

The dangers of using social media are that the information and the photos one shares can be accessed by anti social elements too. They can misuse it and try to harm the people who were foolish enough to do so. For example, if a couple share photos stating that they are enjoying their holidays in a fancy resort in some location far away from their house, they are giving away the information that they are away. Their house can be burgled or looted.

Children too can be harmed if parents share photos on social media. Most of the mishaps that occur can be prevented if people behave wit h caution.

Social media does have its pros but then those who use it must be aware of the dangers that lurk. It is NOT SAFE to share vital information on any social media platform. Parents should also monitor their kids’ activities on social media sites. Forewarned is fore armed. Please be careful and you need not lose anything or person close to you.

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  1. John

    Maybe don’t post something as it’s happening now while you are out for vacation or somewhere else that thieves and thugs might have an opportunity to harm you or your family.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    Well, since social media is no longer safe, everyone should be cautious and careful of sharing their important personal information. Well, in my case of having a Facebook account, I do filter it. Only my family members could see my posts and some friends too.

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