Social Media sharing ideas for Newbies

There are various ways members of can share their articles to bring more attention to what they have written. Most will recognize some of the sites mentioned here.  

Facebook is a great place to share what you have written on Most of us have friends we connect with on Facebook on a daily basis. Including our articles there is a great start. Also, sharing articles of others who had something to say that impressed us is a nice idea.

Google+ is popular with many: Those sharing with Google+ have found this to be helpful in some cases. Getting an account is easy enough and adding friends is also easy to do. This might be the perfect place to share your activities on a regular basis.

LinkedIn is a sharing site that is popular with many: LinkedIn is a site you may belong to now because of your experience with previous sites. The site is often helpful when someone wants to share what they feel is important information.

Tumblr is not often mentioned when social sharing sites are listed: Tumblr is a fun site and offers the easy option of placing a link to your articles. 

Twitter is also a popular place to share your daily articles: Twitter is another free site and it may surprise some how many read and share information found there.

If you have sites you are using to share your articles that are not mentioned here, please share your ideas in your comment here. You will also find some ideas under each article on this site. 

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    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      Some forget about G+ and no doubt there are other ways to share that are not mentioned here.

  1. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    There are some small ones to share on as well. I share on Facebook, g+, Twitter all of the time. If the article is over the over I will share of stumble upon. I am a member od stumble upon but I am still trying to find my way around there.

  2. Sebastian Onciu

    I always share my posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but I think I should pay more attention to other social media sites, and especially to Tumblr and StumbleUpon, which seem to work quite well for some people.

    1. Pat Z Anthony Post author

      That is probably why many have joined such sites. Just a good idea to share, isn’t it?

  3. Vinaya

    I am on all of these sites, however, I use facebook and twitter more. You missed two important sites that have a great conversion rates; Pinterest and Instagram.

  4. Andria Perry

    I am queen of share 🙂 I love to tweet blogbourne and I share din a couple writing groups on face. I always share mine on 4-5 places. I tumble and stumble.

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