Solving Drug Problems in the Philippines

The new government is serious in solving drug problems in the Philippines. They big factor while crimes happen is because most of the people are using drugs. Government wants to clean it from root to tip. The normal news that you will able to learn as soon as you wake up is that someone died and their body were in the street or in the road. They are either tied with a rope or was inside a sack. They have a cardboard noted that they are a drug addict or a pusher. Killings are becoming normal and this is about drugs.

The situations at home earlier has the same case. According to the story of one of the person that was sitting beside the victim, there were men that were strolling in the neighborhood seems looking for someone. Their faces seems not from our neighborhood, they do not look familiar. Then after a while, four men wearing a bonnet came. Two of the men went to our victim and shot him. Two of the other men were at their motorbike. They hurried out because of the commotion of people in here. One of the neighbor saw a cardboard saying “Kagawad, nagtutulak ng droga” (Kagawad, drug pusher) but the men failed to put it to the victim because they failed to let him die in the scene. I heard he died in the hospital. Someone also mentioned that somewhere in our place, two Baranggay Captains were killed because of the same reason. 

I believe the government is really serious in solving drug problems, but I guess what happened in the neighborhood are different case. What I believe is that these people that they are putting down, knows someone from the Authority, with higher position, that is really involved in distribution of drugs. To not let those people be catch by police and share about the real mastermind, they are being killed. Maybe I am wrong, but all of the Filipinos are thinking the same. 

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  1. Gil Camporazo

    I go with your expectation that the government under President Duterte is dead serious in eradicating the society of drug users, pushers and the drug lords.

  2. Jean B Figues

    I am in favor as well. even the lowest barangay has been infected with this drug case. that event though is obviously not from the administration since there were no policemen involved

  3. Jennifer Louie

    Im not ashamed to admit that i support the death penalty… People need to have something to be scared of, specially the Ph, Filipinos are so forgiving.. Corruption, drug trafficking, politicians who accepts bribe.. They needs to disappear…

  4. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @kyuminette I guess that is their karma if the allegation is true sissy. They put a dirt to their reputation.

    @junebride for now, I don’t think so sis, for sure there are people that will take advantage

    @zelfiquin it will take a mighty steel stone or whatever strong hand to stop it. If this is the only way then it needs to happen.

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