Something to Remember About myLot. Are You One of Them?

myLot is popularly known as community of forum writers, young and old, experienced and trying-hard writer who wanted to express himself in an awkward way as long as he has composed something without thinking that it could be subject for removal.

Since I joined myLot sometime in December 2012, I found it hard to the required number of words per article. Though I used to writing but it’s difficult to determine or estimate the number of words I have already composed.

It’s alright to write and write and write but what the topic that you’re developing. It’s no problem for ideas are kept on pouring. They flow like a running water from the mountain fresh water spring. They do find its level and stay or remain calm. But how are they being organized is another writer’s to do.

Which comes first, second, third until the end to form the conclusion or summary of the topic being written bothers the writer especially the beginner or a budding writer. It’s good to those who are born writer but to those who would to be a writer for a living, freelance writing so to speak.

That’s the predicament of a person who wants to be a writer. But here in myLot a good wrier, a quality post, a perfect grammar sentence construction don’t really count. Only pIoint here is you could write, good or bad English as long as you’re not violating the guidelines, you’re in.

The admin is too lenient. She just wait for a report from a user if there’s a violation and she’s quickly to the appropriate action. I have been a victim of post deletion several times. I didn’t have any regret. It’s their work and I assume I go against the rule. I didn’t make any appeal. I do indeed respect their decision.

That’s how far I know myLot since I joined here. There’s lot of misunderstanding, insults, belittlement, anything which could degrade one’s inability to express themselves.

There were also a can of flatterers but they never last. They’re gone with the wind.

Never mind them. By the way, I give always preference to the newcomers or newbies. I am not only welcoming them by urge them to keep on writing and say a word of appreciation to anyone who commented on them. That’s SOP (standard operating procedure). But others are being thankful. Some are not.

If you are one the users, where do you belong?

Image credits: writing-tookapic-pixabay-publicdomain


  1. Gil Camporazo Post author

    I have just visited the site and I have seen one comment there that she special mentioned her friends who are top earners in the said site. It is unfair I should say that she had a preference whom to mention with when there are users who are really good but they are not top grosser-earners or they are not popular so to speak.

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