Spanish word of the day “agua” (“water”)

¡Hola! Hello!

This is my second day, so my second post in August, following my own challenge: My August Challenge, why not?

And, as I am a native Spanish speaker, I thought maybe some of you would be interested, or at least curious, about some Spanish vocabulary.

So, here we go.

Today’s word is “el agua” (the water)

If you want to know how this word is pronounced, here’s the link: “agua” pronunciation

(This site, Forvo, is a site where people can upload their own vocabulary recordings. The good thing is it available in a lot of languages and more, you can listen to the pronunciation of a concrete word and how it is pronounced in several countries, areas, cities…)

Some grammar: “Agua” is a feminine word. If you have studied some Spanish, you’ll know nouns can be either masculine or feminine (or neutral!)

In this case, as “agua” is a feminine word, so we should use the corresponding feminine articles: la (the) // una (a). But, as “agua” starts with an “a”, and this vowel is tonic (this means the word “agua”, when pronounced, takes the strength on its first syllable), we have to use masculine articles: el (the) // un (a).

So, we’ll say: “el agua” or “un agua” instead of “la agua” or “una agua”.

Hope all this doesn’t sound too difficult, but in case you have any question, feel free to ask me!


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  1. Sandy KS

    I do know how to say water in Spanish. Thanks to my Spanish friends. I like your article. It is very interesting to learn words from another language. I can’t wait to learn more.

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