Standing (in The Calm Daylight)

Icy hands pulsating
standing aimlessly
I have kept you deeply.
Lethargic dreams
lucid as fluid
forming aimlessly.

I hold an interval sigh
that lingers, wandering,
assuming to keep me warm.
Elevated mood amidst
uncertain feeling
progressively I waited.

Exudate hope
turbulent sensation
I stated my curiosity
vacuumed vicariously.

Displaced meditation
left isolated and confuse,
the distance seem unabated,
persistent craving ached
like wound that wanted to heal.

I long to be preserved
with your precarious remedy
to keep me thriving for you
I adrift wandering deep within
down the exclusive, intimate
field of affection, I respite.

Let me hold you closely
feel the warmth of your lying breath,
deceitful taste of affectionate,
recurring mendacious feelings,
emotions rolling jarring.

Am I lost looking back?

Dire move,
terrible emotion barraging
the callous sensation.
I heard a nonchalant groaning
echoing into my soul,
lavish lips kiss my lifeless brim,
I count the undying desire
and recount without malice,
dutifully accept assenting eagerness,
lest I weaken the sole of my spirit.

I lift my eyes rowdily, unsure,
cold, calculating and helpless,
I try to calm, but my calmness recedes.
My ancient bones wobbles,
I smell the charred idleness,
the pathological sins recurs,
naked I’ve sin it,
naked will I return like new sinews,
burn the iniquity of madness,
and quench the irate incense of acceptance,
alluded me with unending adoring devotion,
but lost in its purest emotion.

My perceptions sinks unfathomable
with trembling gesture,
I dreaded my dreams to be blotted with soreness
and be loved with sulfuric anxiety,
I clenched dearly with my preceding hope,
lest I will wander like  blind, visionless,
unable to see the vast seemingly dwelling
of uncharted innocent imprisonment of hatred
and I will die continually aberrant,
powerless, shades of worry,
still standing with you
until the fading gasp
retreats into the midst of mist.

JWRG 2015
Photo credits: PIXABAY



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