Three Flowers Have Me Find My Eternal Partner in life

“What is this?” I secretly mumbled as I received the three African daisies from my newfound friend whom I paid a surprise visit to her house late in the morning. She’s a transferee Junior student from a private high school managed by the nuns. I met her in our school and befriended with her fast.

Before the weekend, we had a good conversation with her classmates and friends around. I told her I am going to come to their house Saturday. She never minded it. She thought I am only joking. Saturday came. I prepared myself to go to their place. My mother was surprised why I had only eaten my breakfast in half. She didn’t know that I am in a hurry to go.

I went to the public transportation terminal and made myself comfortable to the car which had to take off a minute. Therefore, I took a seat near the driver so that I could see the way clearly in going to La Granja where it is my first time to go there. We’re approaching the site of PHILSUGIN (Philippine Sugar Institute) which is the first landmark that could be seen in La Granja.

I signalled the driver to stop for I am going to get off. After I paid my fare to the driver, I got off in a hurry for I saw a man walking alone in the road and he could be of help to me to direct me to the house of my friend. I caught up walking with him and started asking him. I was lucky that he knew the girl. He said we have to take around 500 meters to reach the Barrio Site, the center of the civilization.

Mundo, short for Edmundo, is a friendly fellow. I think he is in his early 20s. At that time, I was 17 years ago. When we arrived at the Barrio Site, he led me to house which is surrounded with daisies standing stately on the ground. It is a beautiful site I ever saw for the first time. He directly went to the facade of the house, knocking. In a few minutes, he waved me to come for I was standing at the side of the road. I went and stepped on the improvised poles used as a bridge in crossing the knee-deep canal.

As I came nearer a young lass came out from the door and greeted as she was surprised I came for she was unprepared for my visit. I said never mind it. I came here to fulfill what I have told her. It took me an hour before I went home.

While I was waiting for a passenger car to pass by, Rebing cut three pieces of African daisies for me to bring home. I had no idea that flowers would lead us not only to be sweetheart, lovers, or whatever, but as husband and wife three years later. Upon arriving home, I gave those three flowers to my mother who told me to place them in the altar of St. Vincent Ferrer, a Patron Saint whom my mother treated as my guardian saint. It is also the Patron Saint of La Granja, the home residence my Rebecca.


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