Storms, Escapes and Humidity

I can say Ohio on a farm is never ever a bit boring, at least not for very long. Yesterday for some unknown reason the electric kept going off. It did not stay off more than thirty minutes at the most, just enough to be aggravating. Then it stayed on last night while we had some very loud thunder boomers going through. I kept looking outside for a fire started somewhere by the lightening. It often times looked that low. But thankfully I never seen any. Of course during this time Bunny never let me out of sight. We did get about half an inch of rain fairly quickly from that storm also.

But now fast forward to morning as I did get to sleep the whole night peacefully. Everything seemed good until we headed outside. There to greet us was Tee. Which some of you may know is Georges mom.

DSCF0491  I normally do not have halters on them so when I got that I was hoping she would be a good girl and stand still instead of running off. Thankfully she did or I would have lost my temper fast with how hot it was. The gate I chose to take her through by luck was close to where she tore the fence down and got out. At least we did not have to walk around looking for that. But it needed repaired immediately. I fed George and Grace while hubby got everything we needed gathered up. Then back out to fix that. We had to drive two more posts in as the fence was stretched out that badly. At first we thought maybe they were in that end when the thunder started and she got pushed over it by the group. But upon looking around I could tell that she stayed in the area grazing for some time. If she was scared she would not have done that. So now I am guessing that she got a leg through the fence and went over it trying to get loose. We will never know for sure. At least she is not hurt.

My third subject is the humidity. It did not take very long to fix the fence and it was not an extremely hard job, but I was dripping like I had just got out of the shower by the time we were finished. The rain last night did us no favors in that area. Because of that I have not done very much today. Hope everyone has had a much more boring day than what mine has been so far.


photo is mine


  1. Rex Trulove

    Night before last, we had thunderstorms come through here and dropped a bunch of rain. It was humid until it started raining and the air cleared. Our power also went out right at dusk, which is sort of strange for here. It went out a bunch of times about 3 years ago, but the power company spent oodles to prevent it from happening again. I was surprised when it went out. We got it back after about an hour and it was only then that I learned that it wasn’t just here…all of NW Montana was without power for a time. That means that the power grid went down for a while. No harm, no foul…it was back up in about an hour.

    1. Eva James Post author

      Thats what was strange about ours. It was not hot enough to be over loading the system yesterday and no storms when it happened. Wondered about an accident but have not heard of any yet.

    2. Rex Trulove

      Our power went out long after the thunderstorms went through and there is some indication that the overload actually happened 80-90 miles from here. I still don’t know if it was related to thunderstorm activity, either, though it is possible. The storm was loud and bright here, but except for a good twenty minute drenching, it wasn’t anything harsh. However, Missoula, about 70-80 miles from here, had 50 mph wind gusts and quarter sized hail.

    1. Eva James Post author

      Hope they have a lot of that wrong. But southern Ohio is getting that now

    1. Eva James Post author

      It has been bad here the last month for the most part. I think she wanted back in with her friends lol

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