Stress Plays a big Factor in why we Overeat


We are bombarded with advertisements, videos, television programs on nutrition.  Most of us know what to do yet we still do not eat healthy.  There are many reasons for that.  People on low incomes often to not get the best of foods.  They may have to deprive themselves of important vitamins and nutrients because of lack of money and they may have to take whatever they get from food banks; good or bad.

Another reason is overeating and that problem crosses all financial strata and all walks of life.   A tremendous amount of research is put into why people overeat.           

There are several reasons that have been discovered including: emotional eating, stress, thyroid problems, brain abnormalities, genetics and so on.  This article will focus briefly on emotional eating and stress.

As you may well know, emotional eating has many causes.  In my case I eat because I am happy, I am sad, I am depressed, I am lonely, bored, and so on.  It was very difficult before I had weight loss surgery to control my urge to eat.  

A very important factor in overeating is stress.  When I was stressed I just remembered shovelling in the food without even realizing it.  Other times, due to  stress, I found I just couldn’t stop eating.  I just couldn’t get enough.  Now with weight loss surgery I cannot overeat; my stomach is too small.  I just cannot do it.

Cortisol Cravings

Stress can trigger increased levels of cortisol which is “the stress hormone.” Even though cortisol is important for the in body, if you have chronic stress; this excess of the hormone can wreck havoc on the body.  One of the things excess stress hormones can do is to bring on cravings for salty and sweet foods.   

Social Eating

Many of us look for social gatherings when it comes to relieving our stress. A nice time with friends after a hectic day at work, or an evening out with the girls after an exhausting day with the children does wonders to relieve stress; but, most of the time food is involved and we tend to overeat.  Sometimes this is due to a feeling that we must fit in with the crowd or we eat when we are not hungry just out of habit.  For example, going to a ball game and eating junk food and hotdogs after we just had a meal in the restaurant or at home will put on the pounds.  

Many of us tend to drown our sorrows in food and that puts on the weight. The classic tv shows where woman on pouring out their heart and their worries eating ice cream straight out of the container is a prime example of what we do.
The unfortunate thing is though we try to drown our sorrows in food we also create even more stress when we now have to deal with the weight gain.


  1. Jenny A

    Some people tend to gain weight when they are stressed because they made eating as their way of comforting themselves. They are unaware that because of stress, the amount of food or even their choice of food affects how they look eventually.

  2. Vinaya

    When I am stressed I eat more. After eating, pain killing hormones will be released which acts as a stress buster,.

  3. Sandy KS

    I tend to overeat when stressed. While my boyfriend will not eat when stressed. I guess that explains my over weight and his underweight .

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