Suggestions, Recommendations and Requests

Since I joined just this afternoon I have no time to make more posts. I am not familiar in forums so I decided to make a post about what I would like to suggest on this site. Hoping it will help it make the site more user-friendly and more attractive to other people. So I hope the management will be open to these.

1. I honestly did not know who the owner/owners are. It would be nice to have a home page where there is an introduction and where we could find all the posts of others making it easier. If there is one, please help me find it :).

2. A counter would be very much appreciated. So it would not be a guessing game if we have met the minimum. Also I love we can choose fonts, size and colors but is there a way we can keep it through out our writing? I have to keep going back to it.

3. An explanation of what kinds of pictures we can use and also a choice if we do not have any to use.

4. Is the excerpt really necessary? It gives us more things to do. More categories or more specific categories.

5. Is there a table for the conversion of coins/points to dollar? Like how many coins will it take to reach $1.00?

As of now these are the few things I can see that is needed. I just basing on the so many writing sites I have been on. I am still feeling around and getting used to writing again. Please, I hope the management does not think I am demanding. I just want this site to be user-friendly. Also so that more people will be encouraged to join. Especially for first time bloggers and those who are joining a writing site for the first time. At least most old members already have any idea. 🙂

My picture is mine. I chose it because it shows the old garden sets before updating and repainted turned into something new and beautiful.


  1. Padmashri Sriram

    Totally agree Daisy. You can hit the homepage by clicking on BlogBourne icon on the top left.
    Counter and conversion of coins is a great point. Will be clear if that can be provided.

  2. JoDee Stout

    I agree with you as well, I noticed when I clicked on the “activity” (on the left) it was just activity to my writing. If not a homepage (which would be nicer) then maybe have ALL activity of all your friends.

  3. Gil Camporazo

    There are so many ways of writing. Yours is one of them. Others write to degrade the personality of one’s fellow. Some write to express their ignorance, among others.

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