Surviving the Greatest Ordeal in Life

This is the greatest ordeal in my life that I am able to survive with a simple help from a friend.

My wife and I were high school sweethearts. She came from a private high school. She was a junior high school like me. We first met at the open study hall after our music class. She drifted to the said place, taking shelter for the downpour that came in the afternoon.

My wife and I in one of our happiest moments One of our happiest moments having a date in one of the fast foods in our place

What had stricken in my heart I couldn’t explain. Her beautiful long hair made me feel awesome. I had no other choice but to admire it. I wanted to touch it to meet my curiosity. I didn’t explain to myself if this is love for I have never been in love before.  I had experienced the so-called infatuation or instant feeling of longing. Anyway, I dismissed it.

God Provides

I wrote her a letter for the second time we met at one of the buildings in the school. I knew her name from The Journal of Education which I borrowed from her. Mila, her best friend and classmate, and also my neighbor vouched for me. My letter was more on friendly intention. I expressed that I wanted her to be my friend.

old love letter (572 x 600) One of my letters written in 1970

I inserted the handwritten letter in one of the pages of the magazine and gave to her male classmate. She was absent at that time. On the following week, I saw her sitting in one of the shady pathways of the school. She saw me too. She gestured to come over to her and I did.

She looks stern and serious. As she began talking, I was shaking. I couldn’t control myself from urinating. She took my letter from her shoulder bag and showed it to me.

“Why are you writing me this?” she said, “You don’t need to have to, for we are always seeing each other during school days. Do you know what you’ve written?”

“Yes, yes,” I stammered, “I want to befriend with you.”

Ordeal Begins

We became fast friends until we no longer friends.

Every vacant period, we met at the side of the flag pole to talk for 30 minutes. It became our routine. We never missed that occasion. I thought that it was time for me to tell her of my secret nurtured love for her. I was afraid to do it for she’s strict, frank and down-to-earth. I didn’t know what to do when I failed.

To prepare for the fateful day, I made a rough draft of what I am going to say to her. I rehearsed it from morning till night. I memorized everything. I even added some sort of expressions. The time had arrived. I came first in our usual meeting place. In a minute later, I saw her coming. She just left a group of her classmates heading to the canteen.

I greeted her and she replied with a big smile. “Should I begin?” I thought. I started the conversation with nothing coming out from my mouth. My mind failed to feed me. I forgot everything I memorized. I was in the state of a mental block. My heart beat faster. I could even hear the throbbing of my heart.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. “Nothing!” I replied.

“Don’t worry. I’m here to help you with your problem if you have any,” she assured.

Then I started telling her that I need her help for I have found a prospect girl who I like best. She looks alike with her. She even copies her mannerism, but she’s not the one.

“Well, can you tell me who is she? I know she would be treating like that also,” she assured.

When I was about to open my mouth and utter the name of that girl, the bell rang for the second period. It was saved by the bell. Nothing happened.

Under the Mabolo Tree

The realization of my courtship did finally happen under the Mabolo tree. It would be more interesting if you follow this up in the said episode, “Under the Mabolo Tree”.

covered image by Terimakasih0/pixabay/CCO Public Domain


  1. Sandy KS

    “Your could not control yourself from urinating. ” Are you serious? I would of been so embarrassed. Sounds like you really liked this girl. I am eager to read the next episode.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      That is true. I am not joking. My trouser is wet. I couldn’t face her straight. I didn’t make an extra move until she left me. Yes, I am embarrassed but I have to control and bear it.

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