Take It Easy. You might Be Going Down the Drain!


Experience tells us that year 2016 seems to be an uphill for the forum owners and blog site’s author/writer to cope with the standard of the rate of the income for their site. I have learned lately that PostLoop has already announced that it would be closing on the 1st of November. No reason is cited.

The Forum Wheel (TFW) which I found it an ideal to earn a penny for its fast and immediate paying system. Now, it takes the legit members to get the payment of their amount cashed out. That spells something messy. Besides, the number of forums that join the “wheel” of forum posting and commenting is becoming lesser.

If anyone remember Bubblews as its name suggested bubble and news combined together in its prime season of activities got a trememdous population of members. But what had happened, it went down the drain, leaving great numbers of members unpaid for their cash-outs.

Beer Money Nation (BMN) had paid its members without stopping. The members found it easy to earn in the said cite. The young man admin failed for his ambition to help anyone out of the quagmire of poverty through a fair revenue sharing. But something went wrong.

BlogJob, it was learned, was temporarily suspending its payment system due to the site’s maintenance according to its admin. But that temporarily status of the site seems to be a definite and would eventually be out of the world of Internet. Reason is system maintenance. Nobody has believed it.

Now those sites I have mentioned have met their natural death or unable to pay their members. You may ask, what would be the cause or causes?

Mismanagement? Cheating of members? Overconfidence? System sabotage? Discontinuance of ads due to abuse? or Whatever do you think?

Generally they are out in the blue and their life is sustained due to juicy income generated from their advertisers particularly AdSense which pays well. But AdSemse is senseless once its terms and conditions are violated. Outright stoppage of ads placement and paying of payment to their clients is imposed.

Unlike other sites, they do exist and manage to pay their members for they are stable kind of affiliate agency. They never solely rely on the income generated from ads. And this is what I have observed in LiteracyBase when I first joined the site.

The newly discovered revenue sharing site, TinyCent is regarded by online writers as very promising and dependable one. Members find no problem in posting their 200-word article. It gets “alive” right away after it is submitted to the site. Grammar is no problem. Writing anything under the sun has it. But lately, it has manifested a sign of distress. Let’s wait and see about it.

What writing site do you think would come out victorious and would hurdle any form of trials?

The most influential factors why those sites since its first year of operation are energetic and soaring to the sky of success and then have a great fall in the middle of its operation because of the following:

Over confidence (Lack of foresight)
Member’s uncontrolled enthusiasm (cheating and fraud)
Ads clicking (violations)
Laxity of Terms (Mismanagement)

“Money is the root of all these things.”

image by Geralt/Pixabay/Public Domain


  1. Dawnwriter

    I think some sort of quality control is necessary for a site to thrive. There have to be set standards but again no one can predict what will happen. Sometimes, admins have been cheats, sometimes members have cheated. It’s sad and very unpredictable.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      You are right either of the two are cheating, the member or the admin himself. It is indeed not guaranteed either the site is legit or the members themselves are taking the advantage.

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    It does seem that mismanagement and not understanding what it really takes to do things correctly caused problems for many sites. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about these things with us.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      This has happened for the excitement that money could be easily amassed when ads are working well. Then those concerned are blinded and misguided in doing so.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      It pays to be well informed so that you may know and be ready on what to do especially when you are new to the world of blogging and forum administering.

  3. Linda Jenkinson

    You are right and the policing and integrity of the owners is vital. I write on a news site as well which is PPV and they have kept a vigilant watch on their amount per view to keep the site sustainable. It also remains a closed site unless invited as spammers are always lurking. This vigilance has seemed to pay off.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      That is a working solution to stay vigilant to get the spammer off guard. It’s good FB has a filter facility for that, informing the page owner or the member that there is anomalous lurking somewhere to get into the circle of such fan page or group.

  4. Gina145

    Since starting my own blog I’ve discovered just how hard it is to earn from advertising. I think that part of the problem is that the people who started some of these sites overestimated the potential advertising revenue and end up paying our more than the sites are earning. I’m pretty sure that played a big part in Bubblews’ downfall.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Sad to recall what Bubblews had met for its permanent dissolution. I don’t know if my source is reliable. Bubblews could handle those spammers and those who took advantage of bloating their traffic pageviews. The major reason is mismanagement. The members of the BB team weren’t given what is due to them.

    2. Gina145

      A lot of members certainly weren’t paid all they were owed, but Bubblews was losing money. However mismanagement was also a problem. I often reported plagiarised posts, complete with proof of their origin, but those posts were rarely deleted. Clearly the owners didn’t care.

    3. Gil Camporazo Post author

      When I was a member in Bubblews before I also did that. I couldn’t remember if how many I had reported. Same with your predicament, they’re not removed from the site. That means they’re earning too by posting copied or plagiarized posts from other authors.

  5. Andria Perry

    Blogjob was hacked and that is why it continued to just shut down. The paying ads could not tolerate all the down time.

    One thing that you missed, a site will die if the staff is rude because people just get tired of being talked down to and they leave.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      No, it is not the point. The admin could replace him right away if he is inconsiderate with the members of the site. I think you get my point.

  6. Vickie Ewell

    I’ve been writing online for many years now. From what I’ve seen over the years, a lot of people think that earning money from writing online is easy. It’s not. It takes a lot of targeted traffic coming into a site to generate a sustainable income. Sites fail because either the writers, the site’s admin, or both fail to understand what it takes to succeed online.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      You are absolutely right. But they are making it for themselves easy by deploying cheats, scripts to speed up their likes and page views. Are you not aware of that?

  7. Jo Pin

    If we think earning money writing online is note easy, so as maintaining and keeping the sites up to its level of standard is not easy for the Admin as well. I hope this happen for BB.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      There are terms and conditions to follow. If you can follow them. I think there is nothing to worry about. What would be worrying you is on how to post regularly and get a good if not better reading followers.

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