Take Time For Yourself

I think some times we are so busy taking care of our family and working that often times we forget to take time for ourselves.  Some people may even feel guilty about taking time for themselves.  I know from experience that in order to take care of your family and to work, you have to “make” time for yourself.  Taking time for yourself doesn’t have to be you taking a vacation by yourself or spending a lot of money.  It can be not answering phone calls, sleeping in, reading or doing a hobby that you have forgotten about.


We get so busy doing for others that some times we forget to take care of ourselves.  Our bodies need maintenance as well.  Often times when we’re not really feeling good, we continue working.  We often times work so hard that we get sick.  When we get sick, we often still work.  We then get sicker and “have to” take” time to heal us.  If when at the first sign we were feeling sick, we took time for ourselves, we wouldn’t have been forced to take that time off.  (When I’m referring to “sick” that could also have to do with emotional, not just physical illness.)  In order to take care of family or work we have to make sure they we take care of ourselves as well.


When you’re feeling tired,sick or burned out, take time for yourself.  Stop and smell the roses!! Take time for yourself, in order for you to do what needs to be done.




photo courtesy of pixabay


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