Taking a Picture Makes Me Complete!

This reminds me of the song, “If” made popular by the Bread. A line from that song says “If a picture paints a thousand words then…” That is it, I am talking about a picture, taking a picture through the medium of a camera.

I don’t know what drives me to like photography. I remember my first camera I had was an instant camera. With such camera, I was able to take the pictures of my kids, our humble home, our favorite pet.

Probably, one of the reasons why I like to take pictures is to preserve our good memories for posterity. Started with such inferior camera, I was able to capture momentous events in our small city.

With such hobby, I tried my best to secure a better camera. I saved money and bought a second-hand FX manual camera. Then, followed Samsung Digital camera has made me feel like a pro photographer for the pictures I have taken were in high resolution. I used them to support my news items which I send to our local newspaper for publication.


Photography is one the science wonders I want to get used someday to satisfy my curiosity and my hobby. As I mentioned earlier, I want to capture anything under the sun for appreciation, for posterity, for artistry.

Well, The first picture that I love to treasure is our family picture together with our neighbors and friends during our beach outing.

I do also love to take a picture of nature. of animals, motorbikes, foods, among others.

Do you have the picture which you have taken or captured by your camera for the first time? What is the significance of that picture to you?


  1. Gina145

    I carry a camera everywhere and take LOTS of photos. I think the reason photography is one of my hobbies is because I like making pictures but I’m not good at drawing.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Photography or taking pictures have developed me to be a photojournalist. I have been in the newspaper job before as a news stringer in our place.

    2. Gina145

      I don’t think that’s a job I could do. I prefer to take photos of a more creative nature and spend a lot of time editing them. That would be unacceptable for photo journalism.

    3. Gil Camporazo Post author

      The picture I took is shared without any editing. It is in a raw form. It would be better appreciated when the picture is taken as it is, except cropping it for extra spaces. But to make it better bu enhancing some parts, as for me, is faking the picture.

    4. Gina145

      That really depends in your purpose in taking the photo. You certainly shouldn’t be faking anything that’s meant to be photojournalism, but I prefer to regard my own photos as a form of art, so I have no problem enhancing them. Lately I’ve been converting most of my photos to black and white.

    5. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Why are converting your color pictures to black and white? Actually, it is the black and white as far as I have tried to do that. It is in grey scale, Isnt’ it?

    6. Gina145

      I think a lot of things look better in black and white (grey scale). Sometimes coloured things in the background can take one’s attention away from what’s really important in a photo. I guess at the end of the day it’s just a matter of personal taste.

    1. Sandy KS

      Thank you. I am off to check it out. I love to look at and take photography. I spend hours just to get the right pose some days.

    2. Gil Camporazo Post author

      How’s that? Anything you can say about those photos in my blog posted. I do appreciate some suggestions to make it better. Thank you in advance.

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