Taking Risks and Second Chances

I wonder sometimes is it worth it to take a risk and give something a second chance?  I mean some times we may do something and not get it right, so we do it again until we get it right.  Or some one may give us advice and it doesn’t work out, so we try again.  We do it our way after many times of failure, but we keep trying.  Some times we maybe taking a risk and if it works out, it was our second chance.


What I’m talking about though is something that could “make or break you!” 😉  Maybe there’s a job offer that will allow you to make more money, but you really don’t like the job you would be doing.  Maybe even there is some one that you broke up with and they want to get back together.


I know over 7 years ago I took a risk and a second chance on my ex husband!!  Yeah, I remarried my first love.  We were married for about 5 years the first time and out of that marriage we had two children together.  We were both in our early twenties and really never knew about dating or had any opportunities to “experience” life.  When we were breaking up, his family was definitely helping us break up.  In fact, my husband’s mother and sister (the MIL that lives next to us now) took me to a divorce lawyer!!  So we were young and naive back then.


We were divorced for over 14 years (I  had another child by another man) and one day we got talking about child support, of all things!!  I couldn’t understand how even though he had been paying child support, the amount never went down.  He asked me if I got any of his tax money at tax time and I told him NO!!  During this time, he would see his children when possible as he was a truck driver.


After some time we had been talking and he was seeing the “kids”, he asked me to marry him again.  In our talks we found out what went wrong when we were married the first time.  At first, I just thought we could live together, but he’s a man that didn’t want to “just live together.”  Well, we’ve been happily remarried for 8 years this coming December.  We were married the same day we were married the first time!!


So sometimes it’s good to take risks and give things a second chance!  Have you ever just thrown caution to the wind and took a risk and gave something a second chance?



photo is mine of me in my wedding dress



  1. Jennifer Louie

    Oh my! This is such a love story! Yes! I believe in second chances! I have given my husband that, and so far hes been great and and ive been a spoiled wife ever since! Second chances can change a person. Cuz i believe you wont know her/his worth until you lost or almost lost him/her..

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