Teach our children on garbage segregation

A clean and garbage free community is very important to reach our goal for a healthy environment for our children. I also believe the saying that prevention is better than cure.  To protect the lives of our love ones and to prevent us from a very costly hospital bills.

Let us teach our children and to all individuals that is unaware of  the importance of segregating garbage. The positive look for future responsible children who are protecting mother earth in such a small act, for they can change their  world, their outlook towards garbage disposal. Children must be taught on  how it can affect their lives. Let us open their minds, be an example. Let us inspire children by doing what we can in saving mother earth from being too polluted.

The term REDUCE, REUSE,AND RECYCLE. Let it be  the start in our mind set. Let us reach out, Posters are everywhere. In public places trash bins are color coded. In places where people always be found, signage, murals, slogans are visible.  Just to let us be aware of the proper disposal of all our garbage. Let the younger generation to be knowledgeable  and abiding the law on  proper way to segregate our trash and garbage.

Teach our children not to neglect our environment.
A better world for our  children.



  1. Andria Perry

    I have always recycled but back about 20 years ago the county/ state began to sit huge bins out for us to put our separated trash in, each had a section, paper, plastic, cardboard and aluminum cans. Now there are place that PAY for this trash and they pay for the tin food cans too.

  2. Jennifer Louie

    Oh yes! There is money in the trash! I do recycling too! I just made about $40 last week out of 3 lawn size garbage bag full of water bottles and softdrinks in cans…

  3. Gil Camporazo

    @gina, waste segregation is a part of the school’s thrust for preserving the environment. In like manner, the community or the barangay has adapted it too. It has 3 receptacles for the wastes: One is for biodegradable., other one for non-biodegradable, and the last for toxic.

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