Terms of Service

This page contains the “Terms of Service” governing BlogBourne (the website) and it users (the members).

User Submitted Articles

All user-submitted articles must:
– be original and have no other copies available on the internet
– not be a software-generated article or duplicate of content published elsewhere (e.g. spun content or article rewriting)
– written in English (exception: if you supplement your post with an English translation)
– contain at least 400 words
– not contain pornographic/semi-pornographic, abusive, subversive, or graphic images (e.g. blood, violence)
– not contain images from another person’s social media stream, blog, or website except where the copyright owner has given explicit permission for such use
– always cite (give credit to) sources of information
– contain a complete and proper credit for any images that are not owned by the author
– not contain links that direct to adult sites and harmful websites that may steal users sensitive information
– not contain profanity

Posts about BlogBourne or other writing sites will generally not be accepted for publication unless they are written as a review. We also do not accept posts of a purely personal nature or posts that are designed to drive traffic away from the site.

BlogBourne will accept content you have previously published elsewhere, as long as that content has been removed. Please place a note in the post, stating where the post was first published. For every (1) previously published post, you must submit five (5) original posts that have not been published anywhere before.

Comments/Activity Updates/Forum Topics

All comments/activity updates/forum topics must:
– not contain profanity or pornographic/semi-pornographic images
– add value to the original post or encourage conversation on the appropriate topic (no private conversations or spam comments)

Software Utilization/Automation

Users/members shall NOT:
– abuse our likes/views/comment system by partaking in exchange groups and asking other BlogBourne members for likes/views/comments
– utilize any Traffic Exchange, Bots, Proxies, Virtual Private Network and other forms of IP manipulation
– use article spinning software or websites to generate content

User Liabilities

Users warrant that all content posted to BlogBourne is their own original work or is posted with permission. Users are liable for all the content they post on the website and agree to pay all for all royalties, fees, and any other monies owed by reason of said content. (We take down any user generated content upon request and verification of any claimant and or violating our “Term of Service”)

Inactive User Accounts

Any account that goes inactive for 30 days shall have their coins reset to zero.


Payments are usually sent via Paypal within one to seven days upon request. The delay may be extended to a maximum of 30 days to accommodate greater demand.

We reserve the right to terminate a user’s account and or deny payment if a user does not comply with our Terms of Service.

This document was last updated on August 14, 2016 and is subject to change at any time.