Terrible dreams that came true

We all have these strange dreams that sometimes even come true, but we can’t explain or reason how this can be possible. Usually, these strange dreams are only something common and plain but in some cases these are pretty bad things.

This is a story which I actually saw happening, not to me but somebody else.

Some time ago a man who had a few vacations unused decided to take advantage of that. He planned taking his family to a very nice and long trip, holidays in a summer resort with all luxury there is.

He made a deal with his boss and explained to his family how and when they will travel. Everybody were happy and the preparation started.

But, every single night after that he had this very strange and very wild dream about him falling and getting killed in a process.

This dream cause him to have doubts if he should board a plane, so he switched his reservations for another company.

Still, the dream continued so he reasoned that it is better to cancel a plane and board a cruise ship instead. It is almost the same thing.

The dream and feeling of the near death haunted him still, with no change. But, he was very decisive to have this trip and at the day when they had to leave while plating some boards upstairs he tripped, fell and cracked his head….

Well, so much about the airplane accident.


  1. Shavkat

    I had dreamt that my father died. I just brushed off the idea since some people claimed that the meaning is the opposite. However, it really happened. I was in denial at first. Eventually, I accepted the reality.

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