Thanks God It is Friday!


The short form  of “Thanks God It is Friday”!

I bumped into this phrase on the Facebook few years back , many friend wrote this phrase on the morning of Friday.

Friday is the last working day for the week, and two non-working weekend is waiting ahead. Thus, every working person is in the happier and even holiday mood during the Friday working time.

Anyway, to a freelancer, a translator like me, working time is not limit to week day, we still have to work during the weekend if the deadline is just around the corner.

For a freelancer, faster finish the job means faster earn money just like making money online  here, the faster you earn the points, the faster and more money you able to redeem at the end.

Thus, We work no matter week day or weekend. Just like here, we come here and comment, view, share idea, no matter sunny or raining day! Am I right?

I love it, this place make me feel relax and cheerful before back to the loaded work again!

I would be back after the job finished soon, it should be after this weekend.

I will shout out : Thanks God The Job has just finished!  It would be the lovely Monday morning, I guess.


picture by me.





  1. Gil Camporazo

    That is the usual reaction of every worker or employee to be happy and thankful that the day is Friday. However, I have noticed that when Friday comes, the efficiency, the performance of the worker is weak or satisfactory. What does it mean?

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