The Advantage Of Writing Blogs Than Other Jobs All Over The World


One reason why I like to write blogs and be a blogger aside from managing my own time I can also manage working as home based online.



I’ve realized that I’m so blessed and lucky that I can be able to work with different people all in over the world. I meet a lot of friends here and I’m learning from them even though we have different cultures because of different nationalities.


It seems that every day I’m getting smarter because I’m learning from other bloggers here from all over the world and that is what I cannot get if I work as an local employee.


There is nothing compares with knowledge and learning and I do not have to pay anything for that because I’m learning here.and that is what  I like most to become as a  blogger.


Some people do not know about that, because first they are not gifted to have this talent to write a blog, to create ideas to post, and even though I’m not that good with writing and speaking English but I feel I’m ahead from them because every day here I kept on learning. rather than staying only at home and doing nothing and be part of gossip community.

I’m independent and I can make money of my own while I’m taking care of my kids than an ordinary mothers at home.


I’m really very thankful to my old online friends who are always being there to guide me and help me develop my writing.


    1. Kyuminette Post author

      Yes absolutely true friend how I wish this site can sustain our needs in time.

  1. Cris Bernal

    Blogging cannot promise a better life. We can make it as a hobby. If you want to earn more, join business..Aim Global Company is a good company where you can gain all of what you have wrote here and blogging will be your sharing time to people. Writing cannot be the best job to do to support your financial needs.

    1. Kyuminette Post author

      I include writing with my other online job so that soon I can receive a bigger payout.

  2. Cris Bernal

    Okay… I do hope that this site will be like the Bubblews who pays. If you are interested in doing business, message me. I will help you how to do it.

  3. BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp

    @kyuminette it takes a lot to make a good living online. I have been doing this for over ten years. It has it’s ups and downs. There are months when I do great and other times when I make very little. My advice is to never give up and keep at it.

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