The Agony of Debts to Death


Most common Filipino problem aside from poverty , corruption,illegal drug problems and getting engaged and involved into debts.I have thought that the solution to the every financial problem is to lend some money to use to start a business.But seems that everything was wrong because this lending company was making a lot of money to every people who lends  some money from them.

And the cause of the every Filipinos that brings their selves into a burden that gives a total major problem that seems while they are still alive they have been buried already to debts.

I have personally experienced this that I’m still sacrificing this burden until now.Debts cannot be a solution to an every financial problem it is better to stay away from debts and do not engaged with it.because if ever you will this can be the beginning of tragedy that will slowly be ruined your finance budgets because these lending companies will never give you any excuses to pay them no matter how hard you strive even if you were already struggling with hunger that seems can be the reason to death.

I have some debts because of less financial income and support I was able to get attracted and being convinced to lend but it becomes a major problem of mine.

So this is a big lesson that I should learn to stay away from debts and be stress-free.As long I will finish paying this all I will no longer get attached to this kind of bad financial business sectors to lend some money from them .
All that I need to do now is to finish all of this mess slowly one by one.


photo source by : pixabay


  1. Shavkat

    For the start up of business, it would be better to have enough capital than having loans. The most ideal thing to do is to conduct a feasibility study prior to the start up of business. If we do this, we would be able to determine the viability of the business.

  2. CatMom NJ

    Its best to stay out of debt if you can. Some people just have it worse than others though from the onset. Try to do your best and don’t worry.

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