The August 2016 Fairytale

Thursday, August 04, 2016

After I watched a Celtic Cross 10-card spread reading for the month of August 2016 on youtube, I thought it was interesting. I have similar cards, but my cards have the Cats theme. I decided to use the guy’s reading, but substitute my Cats cards for each of his ten cards. Although both card decks have the same meanings, my cards made the reading cute and sweet.

The Moon card is the central theme for this August 2016. There appears to be a fear for moving forward, but you will appear to be very cautious, moving slowly, carefully, and stealthily through the dark night with the full moon shining brightly and illuminating a clear path for you. This bright and shining moon also signifies that The Creator, God Almighty, is with you, guiding you in your life. But, remember, the darkness is filled with lies, secrecy, and mystery, all covered up with colorful and fun façade.

The 10 of Sea card gives more details about this fear. You might have fears and worries about marriage or a relationship, and if you will be happy in the future. This card scene depicts a cute beach scene of the coast, by the shore, where there is a lovely gazebo tent, beach chair, and a loving cat family huddled together under the gazebo tent. The cute cat parents are lounging and watching their seven cute kittens playing around them in the gazebo tent. I also notice a crab nearby as well as a full moon design on the tent, in which I think they are both symbolism on this card. Crab symbolizes confidence, protected, security, boundaries, vulnerability, and timing. Full moon symbolizes fertility, wholeness, and strength. Moreover, this card is about family or a group you hang out with. You will receive support from family or group, and it is all about unity of acceptance and respect, which strengthens the bonds. There also might be an expansion into this circle of love.

The 4 of Sea card has to do with the root cause of your fears, which makes you reluctant to take or use a “gift.” You need to take a risk in order to move forward. This card scene depicts a cat lounging on the shore, on a large log. I also notice four lobsters, which are probably symbolism. If you aren’t seeing this “gift” in your life at this moment, then continue whatever you are doing anyway until something pops up. Look carefully around for choices or options that are offered to you. Choose only what you really like. If you aren’t interested in any of the options, then don’t choose anything. You might feel discontent or dissatisfied at this current moment. You just need to keep your eyes open at all times and search for better options.

The 3 of Fire card is in reverse, and it is about your past. You might have been limiting yourself to a particular location or certain types of people. You need to look broader, and look everywhere and meet everyone. This card scene depicts a cute white cat looking up toward a light coming from the top right side. There is a symbol underneath the cat, which look like an engraving on the ground. It is of a circle with three fire flares inside. You are curious about the unknown, always seeking answers. But stepping into the unknown can sometimes be scary. Taking chances and action allows you to learn and grow. You might need to study the situation first, before taking any action. It could be dangerous. Be cautious as you carefully take action and move forward.

Sky Kitten card is in reverse, which changes the original meaning. This card has to do with what you are thinking about this August 2016. You appear to be set in your ways, but you need to be more open to new experiences and opportunities. You appear to still be in “Beginner’s mind,” in which you are still learning and exploring something new and playing with this new idea. This card depicts a little gray kitten playing with colorful ribbons. The scene is outside, in the daytime, on a grassy lawn with dandelions. It is important to be persistent, and keep focusing on your goal as you keep trying to get closer to your destination. And, it is also important to keep going after things that are out of reach, which might appear difficult. Just be cautious and use wisdom when making decisions. You should continue to carefully proceed with caution, making sure not to make any rash decisions. Success is just around the corner.

Sea Kitten card is about love and romance. This card depicts a cute little kitten playing on the shore with the crashing waves. There is a rocky area in the background, along the shore, as well as a little fish jumping out of the water, like a very small dolphin. You might be playing with new prospects this month. As you move forward with these new prospects, you might be unprepared for what’s next in your love life. These prospects will come after you, and they might be more powerful than you. It is important to manage your emotions and move with caution. Don’t take any rash or stupid action. It is also important to release any past experiences that were negative or traumatic in order to emotionally heal.

Justice Card has to do with putting in effort. You are being guided by God. You need to take action. The Cats card deck uses the Consequence card, which is similar to the Justice Card. This Consequence card depicts a cat playing with a large ball of yarn, and it is getting all tangled with these yarn strings. There are also some colorful leaves, feathers, and yard mess mixed with the yarn strings. The scene takes place in a large patio. And, beyond the patio, there is a lovely, green and picturesque nature scene behind the cat. Be aware when you play around with mysterious and interesting items or situations by paying close attention where it will all lead to because you might lose yourself in your own fantasy, which can cause you to accidentally take a wrong turn somewhere toward negative consequences. Therefore, be aware of each step you take and where each step will lead. What actions are you currently taking? What are the long term consequences? Are you making the right choices in your life? Are you aware where you are heading? Don’t pick up unwanted garbage on your way, which could create problems and obstacles for you. However you started out will likely influence your outcome.

The 5 of Earth card is reversed, and this card has to do with your environment or location. Listen to your guidance to seek clues, inspiration, and ideas around you. It will come easy. This card depicts an outdoor cat sitting outside, in the snow. It appears to be snowing in this scene, and this cat looks lonely and sad, as it just sits there, in front of a house with a window, watching the inside scene of two loving cats cuddled together on the couch. There is a bowl of food on the coffee table, as well as a fireplace in the background, which has a big fire blazing. This outdoor cat longs for such a home, filled with warmth, love, and food. Every time I look at this card, it makes me sad because I think about all the homeless animals out there who desperately need a loving home before they are tortured, killed and eaten by sick people with no life. This card also explains that the negativity is making you feel depressed and hopeless. It is important to turn these negative thoughts and/or situations to positive and practical steps in order to change you current situation.

Sea King card is about a meeting the right person for a long term relationship. This person is mature, experienced, consistent, loyal, and loving. This card depicts a pretty and fluffy gray cat, wearing a sparkling gem necklace and sitting on his rocky throne, next to the water, on the shore. There is a small fish swimming in the water. There are shells and starfish on the rock. In the background, there is the ocean, rocky cliff, and a castle on top of this high cliff, which overlooks the ocean scene of the coast and beach activities. This person seems calm, peaceful, harmonious, compassionate, wise, gentle, strong, sensitive, and protective.

The 8 of Earth card has to do with making effort and taking action. This card scene depicts a sweet mother Siamese cat leading her seven cute Siamese kittens through grassy green pastures. It appears to be nighttime, and there are many fireflies lighting the pathway for the cats. This card scene also signifies that God is guiding you, and his Angels are also flying around you to further light your pathway with clues and insights that will help you see certain things that they want you to see. It is therefore important to remain alert and focused at all times, as you remain aware in order to watch carefully your surroundings. Then, move swiftly with confidence and take action.


  1. Fifi Leigh Post author

    i just like the Cats deck and wildlife deck that i have, as well as Osho Zen card deck, but i only have the booklet for Osho Zen cards.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    Fairy tales are not only for the kids but for the adult as well. I am enthused of what you are enumerating and describing those stories. How I wish I could read them too.

    1. Fifi Leigh Post author

      i am not good at reading these cards. i just play with them for fun.

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