The Bad Results in being Stuck in a Heavy Traffic

In the Philippines, having to experience heavy traffic has become normal. During the times that I have an offline office job, this is my number one complain to the government. The past administration failed to give the solution to this problem and in fact, it makes them even worst. I remembered having stuck in traffic for 5 hours and that is not a laughing matter for a person who still have an online job waiting for her once she gets home. From my experienced, I made a list of the bad results of being stuck in a heavy traffic and you will find it below.

Being stuck in a heavy traffic is like having a fever. Imagine the smoke coming from the vehicles that go up in the surroundings, the venting of the commuters and their complains as well will just add to the stress in the surroundings too. Everything is like giving negative vibes that everyone could absorb. You stuck there for longer hours. You might be lucky if you will just have to wait more than an hour. Once I get home, I felt weak and tired. I don’t want to move anymore. I just want to lay down in bed and sleep.

Being stuck in a heavy traffic means lesser time for family and for yourself. When I was working in the office before, the latest that I could get home is 9 in the evening. I will have my dinner and do some household chores. I will finish for more than an hour. I need to sleep immediately because I need to have 6-7 hours of sleep just to relax my tired mind and body. This means I don’t have enough time to talk to my family or play with my pets.

In relation to not talking to my family, they miss me. My father complains that I am not watching television with him. I even failed to be on time for dinner. Also with my dogs, my son Gelo (my dog) will wake me up once I lay in bed. It ruins my sleep but how could I stop him from doing that if I am not even touching him when I return home? I need to sit in bed and play with him for a quick moment and we will sleep together.

Lastly, even though I can sleep for longer, it is not a comfortable sleep. I feel asleep easily because I am very tired and not the normal thing that we feel asleep because we need to sleep. That kind of tiredness will continue until the morning on the next day. Instead of being inspired that you have your longer sleep, you still feel tired. It is not easy to get rid of this kind of tiredness from stress on the road and it will take a 2-day vacation to let it all out.

Heavy traffic is always been a serious problem to the commuters. I hope that the new government has the solution to it because it is getting severe every month and for sure every Filipino wants to get rid of this agony.

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  1. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @stbrians much more if you are inside your own vehicle. Commuters can walk but people who owns a car and be stuck there cannot leave their car just like that. It is always a bad result.

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    What are the ideas you have that the government can use to solve the traffic issues? Here they take down homes and widen roads-not always the best idea, but what happens.

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