The Big Discovery, Why People Enjoy Controversial News

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is a constant outcry, about writing contentious content, is this perhaps because these people feel it will actually drive away readers who feel alienated by contention?

Whether this is what they fear or not, I have personally discovered that reality, has never been further from the truth.

You see, my experience is that those who oppose me, actually end up returning, often, and in some cases, even more so, than the ones who usually agree with me.

What I further discovered, is that there is another hidden reason for this strange phenomenon, namely, that many people just love to comment on contentious issues.

A significant portion of them, I found as an article writer on a website called wikinut, some will even go so far, as to flaunt their comments and opinions on Facebook or Twitter.

So then, to recap what I said above, is that those who had initially disagreed with me, had actually ended up coming back to my contentious articles, more often than those who generally agree with my points of view.

After all is said and done, in spite of them lambasting me, in their comments, they still viewed my content which meant more visitors for me and also for you, should you decide to put my findings to the test.

To wrap up, I want to use the enigmatic Mr. Donald Trump, whom, as a non American, I am yet to find a more controversial international presidential candidate, to head up a country, let alone a country which is arguably the most powerful nation of the free world. As anyone following his campaign, can clearly see, where he is concerned, things are never simply Black or White

Strangely, I found also, that even readers who generally agree with my content, are often motivated by them experiencing a sense of connection or affirmation that their opinions or thoughts resonate with my own, which in turn, also instills in this positive group, good feelings about themselves.

I have seen that this, will naturally inspire them to want to return again and again to see what else you agree with them about. In conclusion, I am of the opinion, that people can on rare occasions, quite literally become addicted to controversial blog posts, for numerous reasons.

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  1. JoDee Stout

    People some times only like reading what they want to read, kind of like listening to what they only want to hear. So, of course if some one is questioning their thoughts, they will NOT listen to you, even if it is fact.

  2. Gina145

    I’d love to be able to write things that get a lot of traffic and comments, but I’m not good with controversy. I find it difficult to continue a discussion when my readers insist that what I’m saying is wrong.

  3. Vinaya

    Trump on the featured image itself makes people want to read your article. By having Trump in the title, you have created interest in controversy.

  4. ANDRE' G Post author

    There are a lot of crazy weirdo’s out there, maybe enough of them to swing the pendulum their way. Great and useful comments you both. Thanks.

  5. Priscilla King

    The computer tells me I get lots of regular readers at Blogspot from political organizations I oppose. I wish they’d come out and make comments! (Their failure to do so gives me a probably false sense of having made unassailable arguments.)

  6. ANDRE' G Post author

    Hello Priscilla, interesting comments, I have some active Blogspot webpahes and can clearly see that there were visitors but leave without commenting on what I wrote about, I know how you feel.

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