The Bout Between a Blog and a Forum as Viewed by a Novice

Do you have a blog or a forum? Do you maintain them both or otherwise? Either blog or forum, it depends on the owner/admin. Anyway, my point of discussion here the importance of a forum.

I find blog writing a bit tedious, though my six blogs are being controlled myself as admin/owner/writer. In their first years of operation, I almost have an update for those blogs. A twist of the event was realized when I happened to join a forum writing and earned several dollars.

This prompted me to expose and get used to a new writing environment. You know I have been writing a blog for almost 5 years now. Though I find it interesting and fun for there are different topics and themes to write about, I want something unique, a brief, concise post to share about. This has prodded me to have another online writing medium after I have found this while browsing the Internet. And it should be a forum for discussion.

Social Media

I have a Facebook page with the membership of more than 12,000. That page is a venue for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) coordinators of elementary and secondary schools in our country. I am the only admin who manages it and does the dirty work in the Learner Information System (LIS) implemented by the Department of Education (DepEd) sometime in 2012 .

Though the Facebook is a social media platform to interact with friends, family members and the members of the group or page created, it is overcrowded. I need to have a more personalized and exclusive venue to communicate with the members of my ICT coordinators group. So an idea to create a forum was realized Monday afternoon (April 11).as a venue of concerns, queries, problems related to the work of ICT coordinators of the DepEd and resources, orders, memoranda.

Forum for a happy ICT coordinator and educator

Birth of a Forum

“DepEd ICT Forum” came to being. As of this writing, it has the registered users of 152, coming from the 18 regions of the country and 2,381 views so far as a newly created forum. This forum is less complicated compared to a blog site or website. It is handier and easy to write about. The pages in the forum look neat and orderly. It is easy to manipulate than the website, as far as I am concerned. There are a lot of categories as labeled in various sub-forums to select for discussion and interaction. More school ICT coordinators and school heads are expecting to join DepEd ICT Forum.

The members come from different regions in our country. They have found the forum as an alternative to communicating with fellow ICT coordinators. The interaction is lively and it focuses on the vital issue of the school as Information and Communication Technology is concerned.

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    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      Thank you. I am reserved fellow. I don’t tell the world about it before. I keep on writing in blog and lay them in the wilderness. Only my friends and followers would be notified. Now social media is here. They could share in a minute.

  1. Rex Trulove

    In the winter, I don’t have much trouble maintaining blogs or forums. It is in the summer that it becomes more problematic, due to time constraints. I’m the groundskeeper at church, take care of the yards of three people and have my own yard and garden to tend with. Sometimes I simply run out of time. For five years, though, I ran the forums for as the administrator and I had a lot of fun doing it. Somehow I still managed to get everything else done, but I honestly can’t say how.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      You got it. That is fun. I am in the first year too excited to always update my blogs. My friends do find them entertaining and informative.

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