The Card-Inspired Fashion Makeovers

Sunday, August 14, 2016

While browsing on youtube, I checked out this video for fun. The girl in the video performed a fashion makeover based on two tarot cards, the Magician and High Priestess. My cards are CATs, and I am wonder if I can do it in a similar way, inspired by cats.

I am going to use the same two cards she used, but with my Cats cards. The Magician card in the Cats cards is the Cat Magic. It depicts a cat meditating and focusing on ways to achieve its goals. The perfect look for this card is the Hippie style, which involves a long skirt, halter top, and accessories with feathers, leaves, fish and crystals for jewelry, hair accessories, belts, and anklets. Hair is sleeked back, maybe with a headband, and eye makeup include green shades of eye shadow as well as black eyeliner outlining the eyes. Since cats have high cheekbones, consider a dark blush color to contour and bring out the cheekbones. Lips are a pink shade, soft and pretty like a kitty.

The High Priestess card in the Cats cards is The Priestess card. And, it depicts a gray kitty wearing a sparkling gemmed necklace and meditating inside a cave filled with amethyst crystals. The scene appears to be at night, in which the perfect makeover is for a cocktail party. The perfect outfit would be a cute cocktail dress in purple with lime green accent. Eye makeup would include purple on the eyelids, lime green on the highlight area of the eyes or over the brow bones. To define your eyes, use black eyeliner to outline the eyes. Blush should be in a plum color to contour and bring out cheekbones. And, of course, black mascara is a must for eveningwear. Lipstick should be a heather color.  Consider a gemmed choker and lime green bracelets as well as some light green earrings. Keep all accessories in a light green shade, which includes high heel shoes and purse. The style is all about elegance and opulence. So, keep hair into a simple bob, or wear a cute beret, in either green or purple.


In my Osho Zen cards, the Magician is the Existence card, and it has to do with being natural and pure, dressed in a soft, pastel-colored flowing dress, in preferably a light green shade, with ruffled, off the shoulder top. Hair is down and flowing, maybe in soft waves. Keep eyes natural in brown shades for eye shadow, peach or apricot blush, and nude lipstick. Black or brown mascara would be good with this natural makeup combination. If you want to wear a hat, then the perfect hat is a wide brim and floppy sun hat.

inner voice

The High Priestess card in the Osho Zen cards is the Inner Voice card, which is about meditating in a quiet place and focusing on the truth. The perfect outfit for this look would be a black and white combo outfit as well as crystal like gems for jewelry. It is about creating a fun and playful outfit with black and white colors, with the accent on marine blue and dolphins. Consider a black and white hounds-tooth print skater skirt with a matching jacket, and a pretty blue-colored blouse. Add a sparkling choker in marine colors to bring out the ocean colors so you can move along gracefully like a dolphin. Shoes and accessories should be blue or green. Eye makeup should be classic colors, such as red lipstick, rose blush cheekbones, and blue and green eye shadow as well as black mascara and eye pencil.

I added a photo from the Osho Zen cards, just for visuals.



    1. Fifi Leigh Post author

      that is what i was thinking about this video. it would make good halloween costumes. i think my versions that i wrote here sounds more real for everyday life because i used clothes and accessories that i own in my wardrobe. it would be cool if i can get my own mannequin, in which i could dress her up in these outfits and make her model them for me.

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