The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Do you experience having pain in the middle of your palm? Does it makes it very hard for you to use your hands in typing and holding the mouse? Does the pain does not quickly goes away even if you already drink a pain reliever? If your answer is yes to all of the questions, then you are experiencing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

On the name itself, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is something serious. It really is. The very major event that will happen if it gets severe is surgery, but it is always an option. There are many cases of people failed to use their hands again after a severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

If you feel some tingling sensation on the nerves of your hand, sometimes it is weak, feeling tired and you can’t use it anymore, or if you are having pain that did not go away for a week from your fingers to the middle part of your palm, you already have it. I have this syndrome last year and the picture attach is my hand with Salonpas medicated pad to protect my hands from cold air. 


The Reason of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Specifically, if your are overusing your hand with typing and will wash it afterwards, will make your tired hard stress. If you will not let your hands well rested, you will get a tingling sensation when you wash it and you could see the fat green nerves coming out of your had instantly. If you overused your hand, that is the usual trouble.

It is also associated with other health issues like hypothyroidism, diabetes, pregnancy and arthritis. The best way is to have your hands be check if you are experiencing the pain for a week. Mostly the tests are blood and nerve tests. 


The Remedy

When you feel not wanting to visit the doctor, the first aid you could do is to rest your hand for long hours before using it again, especially if you are using it for typing. While resting, try to put hot compress or icing the wrist for 10-15 minutes is good too. Drink pain reliever to stop the pain. If you have hand splint, put it on while you keep your hand rested so that it avoids movements.

To solve the non-severe type of hand pain, try to have a proper sitting position when typing. Your hand should level your stomach or in neutral position when typing in the keyboard. Try to relax your shoulder when typing. Most importantly, do not overused your hand. Keep a resting time for it so that it will not lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.



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  1. Shavkat

    The simplicity of the details about the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is really comprehensible. I sometimes feel this impingement of median nerve due to non-stop typing on the keyboard.

  2. Lois Ryan

    I get this from work because I do a lot of repetitive motion. When I am on vacation, the hands get rest and it clears up but comes back, depending on how much time I go before another vacation. It is mainly a tingling sensation so am avoiding the doctor.

  3. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @vinaya it could happen on the feet as well, but the term would be different, but not sure about this.

    @shavkat yes, when you have pain already, stop from typing for a while or let your hands be rested after a long day of typing, not washing them.

    @loiseryan I am avoiding the doctor too, the surgery is too much, so I find ways to rest my hand and this is very important

  4. Grecy Garcia Post author

    For sure you have this sissy, everyone who type all the time and use their hand even not on typing too much could have this. @catmom

    @iyanpol12 if you feel it you could do some of the remedy I posted above and let us take care of our hands 🙂

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