The Challenges Of Being A Teacher

The Challenges Of Being A Teacher
Somebody said that teaching is a noble profession. I wonder what prompted him to say so. There are most probably many professions in the world. How noble each one is poses a great challenge. In comparison to the teaching profession, I may not know which one is superior to the other. What I know is that a teacher faces too many challenges that many people are not aware of.

The Challenge Of Making The Learner Knowledgeable
Perhaps the most serious a challenge that a teacher faces is to make the learner grasp the knowledge from the teacher. Apart from there being too many methods that may make the learner get the desired skills and knowledge, some learners remain under-achieving. These ones give the teacher the challenge of looking for other methods that may bring such a learner to cope with the others. Believe you me; such learners give the teacher sleepless nights.

The Challenge Of Syllabus Coverage
The curriculum is based on certain skills and knowledge that can be covered in a specified period. When educationalists sat down to draft such, they had in mind a certain clique of learners at a certain period of time. Learners in different areas and in a different period of time may not respond to the lessons the way the sample children did. One may get that it may be a hard task to cover the syllabus with such children.

Teachers are challenged by the ministry to have their syllabus covered. Examination also does not put into consideration that some teachers lagged behind in syllabus coverage. The teacher is therefore a zombie who has to make sure he covers the syllabus. He becomes frustrated if the learners seem not to grasp what is desired of them. He is forced to work for unpaid overtime in order to ensure the syllabus is covered.

The Challenge Of Uncooperative Parents
Parents and guardians also do not understand the teacher. They take him like a sort of machine that is supposed to pour brains into the child. They delegate their parental responsibilities to the teacher. They rarely go to school to check on the progress of the child. They think doing so is losing on their businesses and office work. It is a time wasting scheme according to them.

The Challenge of Salaries
Most teachers are underpaid when we compare the work they do and what they earn. Their salary is not equivalent to civil servants who hold the same job group with the teachers.

We must know that our teachers need the best from us. Our children stay more time with the teachers than they stay with parents. Let the teachers be made comfortable in their jobs.

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  1. Gil Camporazo

    This phrase that says “teaching is a noble [noblest] profession” connotes a guiding principle that teachers should adhere to their mission to impart valuable, workable knowledge to everyone for they produce most if not all professions in the world. Jesus Himself is being considered the the Great Exemplar as a Teacher.

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    Those who do not have experience teaching may never understand all that is involved. There is so much one must do when teaching, and now teachers must also deal with violence in the classrooms.

  3. Your Seldom Majesty

    Teachers have extremely complex job and include other people children. That is sometimes not nice nor pleasant.
    In general I believe all children are good, but always some trouble maker arises.

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