The Challenges of Every Revenue Sharing Blog

Over the years we have seen many revenue sharing sites that rised and fall leaving writers upset and lost their trust on revenue sharing blog sites. As far as I know, among those sites who rised years ago there is only few if not one left running until this days.

I would like to be open to everyone and share some of the challenges every revenue sharing blog site has to face, how these challenges interconnected with each other and how can we overcome them.

The list below is a summary and I’ll try to expand each on my future articles. I will also update this article anytime to add links on updates and additions

1. Control of the revenues shared to the community

2. Getting an account on reliable adnetworks

3. Keeping and protecting the interest of adnetworks that serves the ads

4. Security measures to prevent fraud and abuse of the system

5. Being categorized as a content farm

6. Educating the writers

7. Flexibility to any change in policy of third party ad servers.

8. Getting back the long lost trust of writers

9. Raising the revenues generated

10. Keeping up with the trend/innovation

11. Preparedness to worst possibilities


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    This is a pretty comprehensive list of things that can pose problems for a writing site! I am particularly interested in reading your thoughts about being categorized as a content farm, and about both regaining writer trust and educating writers. I look forward to your follow-up!

  2. Isabel

    We all learned from other blog sites, so does the founder so I think we’re in good hands. It will take a lot of work to ward off spammers when the site blooms bigger but I remember another site… and users flagging spammers… and I can just smile at the good times. It was all learning experience for me.

  3. ParkerRose

    I can’t wait to see this site grow. I use to enjoy writing blogs the other sites so much. When things turned sour, I felt as though I lost my best friend.

    1. Barbara Radisavljevic

      Some of us certainly lost regular contact with friends we’d worked with on those sites for a long time. I’m thinking of Squidoo in particular. I hope Mike and the others who run this site will be able to avoid the mistakes of the other sites so that we can look forward to a vibrant writing community here.

    1. Ople Dulnuan Post author

      Editors are working on sharing blogging tips and tricks to help users learn more about profitable blogging. Look on their articles and topics on the forums. I assure you we’re on the right track, I have also added this on our FAQS since the very beginning to keep members aware “Note: You will only see the “Add to Cart” button on product archives and single product page after 2 months prior to our launch.”

      By the way @tranquilpen thank you for that YouTube video and the backlink on your blog.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    Some of these approaches for a blog to get a better revenue from online income sources. I keep on following the things you have written here. Thanks.

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