The Creepy Clown Conspiracy


Many news outlets across the US are reporting about creepy clown sightings that are happening all over. Supposedly, scary looking clowns are popping out of the woods and scaring both children and adults. Most of the clowns do nothing more but wave and then move back into the woods. There was even talk of these clown sightings in a few cities not too far from where I live.

Are they for real?

I am not too sure what to think about these clowns. I do know that things go crazy on the internet and a lot of these sighting might just be purely imagination or “clown phobia” for some people. It really sounds like something from Stephen King’s book, “It” and coincidentally, a movie company is doing a remake of it called “31.”

I don’t know if it is an elaborate publicity promotion or what but if it is they sure have some people terrified and I don’t find that very amusing. I worry that someone, even an unsuspecting clown just doing what he was paid to do, is going to get hurt.

Also, children who may have loved clowns before, will surely run in terror at the sight of one now, even a happy clown trying to entertain them. I don’t see how such a scare tactic will make anyone say, “Great job, now I will watch the new movie!”

Pranksters are Loving It

Who knows how many “copycat” clown sightings there have been in all of the different states. Whoever started the first sighting, set the scene for a lot of other jokers to decide it would be fun to dress up like a clown and scare people.

Many are taking this to serious steps though. Some are making death threats that are supposedly coming from clowns and others are blaming clowns for any number of things, including car accidents…”Oopps, a clown jumped out in front of me.”

Clowns used to mean circuses and birthday parties and all types of fun things. Right now, it means that law enforcement agencies are chasing elusive creepy clowns and people are locking their doors in fear all over the US. How or why would anyone think this is funny or entertaining?

The police have a lot of much more serious things to contend with, without people calling in clown sightings that they have to go chase down. But until authorities know for sure exactly what these clowns are up to, they have to go investigate every time someone calls in a clown sighting.


Photo: By Graeme Maclean – originally posted to Flickr as bad clown, CC BY 2.0,



Creepy clowns spotted all over the US Creepy clowns spotted all over the US


  1. Dawnwriter

    I must confess I am one of those people who find clowns creepy and scary. I definitely would not want to meet one on a street or jumping out at me anywhere. It is not funny and i hope they get investigated fully by the authorities.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      I don’t know exactly what these creepy clowns are up too but it is getting bad. There re 5 sightings yesterday in a town not to far from me. Now my grandkids are asking if the creepy clowns will show up by our house. Police think “copycat” clowns are showing up now because pranksters think it is funny. It is not funny!

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      I read something about an arrest where a couple called in a threat to a school and referred to their self as some kind of clowns. Lots of copycats going on I think.

  2. Tania K Cowling

    Clowns used to be fun back in my days and with my children — now this! Why are these criminals (and I use this word bluntly) using this facade to scare innocent children and adults too. What are they gaining?

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      It just goes to show how sick our world has become when someone gets pleasure at another’s expense. I just read about another sighting in another town close to me.

  3. Gil Camporazo

    Most clowns in real life are not happy as what their role says so. Clowns do make kids and people happy, but it is the opposite of what they are in real.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      With all of these sightings more and more people will fear clowns. Not a happy situation at all.

    2. Gil Camporazo

      It is a good disguise for those who have the criminal instincts for people would likely to believe them as an object to make everybody entertained, happy.

  4. Donna Thacker Post author

    Yes even the police in some states are now warning the public to watch out for clowns, especially around children. It is pretty scary. They assume most of them are up to no good.

  5. Sandy KS

    My teen son is afraid of clowns. I never cared for clowns. If one would come up to me and try to scare me. I would hit it. As I have a bad habit of swinging towards people who scare me. It is part of my post traumatic stress syndrome

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      My adult son is also afraid of clowns. One jumping out to scare him probably wouldn’t end well. These crazy clowns are causing others to fear clowns too.

  6. Jacky Hughes

    If I saw a clown come out of a wood here I would assume the person was mentally ill

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      It’s getting bad. Several schools in the St Louis MO area have been threatened by clowns.

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