The Danger of Website’s Phasing Out: How Do You Prepare for It?

There is no question or apprehension once a person is ready for any eventualities. Before I built my own blog sites, a thousand and one blog sites were already on the web. They were created for business, that is, for a money-income generation. And the blog was common I see in the Internet world.

My primary purpose why I had my own blog site is to host my written articles in our local newspaper. I wanted them to be available to my friends who are unable to read them while they’re out of the press. Besides, I had also an avid follower of my newspaper column. The opportunity came out when I joined the Negros Bloggers and I was envious of reading the blogs of those good writers. I said to myself, “This is a challenge of my writing prowess to start a blog of my own.”

RandomThoughts Blog prime season

RandomThoughts and Tumandok prime season in Net circulation

Now my blog sites have increased to 6 with a minimal recorded pageviews and comments. Nevertheless, they are there for my friends, for my followers and for the members of my family.

Cyber Marketing

Is there a possibility that that blogs, websites, and the like would be out in the circulation in the world wide web or on the Internet? When it does happen, are you ready? What are your preparations to preserve your sites? Are you totally throwing them down the drain?

Practically, we couldn’t control the fast advancement of technology and the proliferation of sites in various niches and platforms. Have you heard this Cyber marketing which is now becoming in demand? With its introduction to the Net, these social websites, blogs or whatever is seemed to be in peril to be phasing out because of the change, change in technology, innovation in the marketing system, among others.

Birth of Websites

I remember that websites have been developed and started their use online sometime in 2005. They’re even termed as the “hub of information” And these sites are now in the physical marketplace for competition. Lately, have you not noticed this big social media like the Facebook. Before it is only for social activities like finding friends, sending messages, posting pictures. But now, it serves the best opportunity for selling everything unless it conforms to their terms and conditions. Facebook has millions of users and of course, there are millions of business opportunities for that matter.

If you are affected, what should you do? I know some of us here are just merely receiving a penny from the online site that pays. Some are having their own site which promotes services, products in return receiving or generating income from customers.

And it has been pointed out that strict rules be imposed by the regulating cyber body to avoid fraud and illegal activities among the website owners, site writers or bloggers.

Apps Growth

Computer applications (apps), systems or programs are becoming on demand to settle the most-likely defacing of websites, blog sites, and other related site platforms which in a unique way earn money online.

Since I am starting to be in the blogging job, I am terribly wondering how I could survive with this one. I would go back to writing a column, news reports and commentaries in our local newspaper. This eventuality is beyond my capacity to overcome. What about you?


    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      It is what I read from the news and I am sharing it for others to know. There is even a new development that email facility would also be phased out and it would be replaced by an advanced communication system.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      That is what we call in business term as the business cycle. The management is always ready for that eventuality. They have the foresight on how the present business would happen in three to five years for they have a very good forecast tool.

  1. Grecy Garcia

    I am still glad that there are still people who are trying out a revenue sharing site through blogging. I still appreciate this one. Also, I am looking forward for transparency which I was looking out before in every sites I am in.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      That is the correct point, transparency. The site is obviously trusted because of that. But in reality, those blogging sites do some hocus pocus just to gain more revenue and the sharing method is not clear to their users.

  2. Gil Camporazo Post author

    Those blogs of mine couldn’t be updated for I am always busy. They do exist on the Internet but they have no better-earning capacity. That is why you find me here joining for a penny.

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