The Day A Mother Never Forgets

If there is one day that I will never forget it would be the day my son was born. I was very lucky that everything went smoothly with my planned c-section. While they were getting him out of my womb I was busy talking to my sister, trying to distract myself from the fact that I was being cut open. All of a sudden someone announced ‘he’s out!’ I looked up and there was my baby, the first place I looked was between his legs to make sure that he was certainly a boy, and they hadn’t gotten it wrong during the scans. 

They then took him after briefly to weigh him and to be sure he was okay. He was then placed into my arms and I instantly fell in love. I knew then I would do whatever it took to make sure that he had the best life possible.

No mother forgets the day her child was born, even if the birth does not go as planned. It is a day that changes you and your life forever, most cases for the better. My cousin became a mother yesterday and now her life will never be the same again. I doubt she will ever forget the day her child came into the world. 

For that day onwards your life isn’t your own, it’s not just about you anymore. There is a tiny and helpless human being that is dependent on you for everything, that will change over the course of their lives. But regardless they will always need their mother in some way. When they do a mother will remember that special day.

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  1. PAF

    No, that is very true. My mother had nine children and up to the day of her death, she could probably recount the day each one was born. It is certainly something a mother always remembers because it is a very special day in their lives.

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