The Death of my Oldest Dog

Yesterday, I was busy taking care of my dog. She is the oldest and I call her Tutay. Just this week, she have been suffering from vomiting. She is specifically vomiting bile and not food. I checked on YouTube videos on how to treat it but I found the best way is to have her checked by the vet. She had some series of blood test and was on IV because she is dehydrated. We cannot have her to stay in the vet for admission because of money problems, just like I do with myself whenever I do a check up. When she was home yesterday, she was still vomiting even when she was already provided medicine. I have a bad feeling that she will not survive. 

Warning: The next one is not easy to share, if you are a pet lover, I think you must not read it. I don’t want to hurt you. 

Just early this morning I able to talk to her on what she was feeling. She was giving me the look that she can’t go live anymore. I was still keeping positive because she has medicines. Later on, she was shaking and we panic. We try to move her arms and legs to give her some oxygen. I was pumping her shoulder to wake up her heart but her tongue stick out so we think she already give up. Even while crying I was trying my best to wake her up but she lost her breath already. I touched her heart and it is not pumping anymore.

I can’t describe the feeling. She is the oldest dog. We have her since year 2005. She will be having her birthday August 23 and it was next month. It will not be easy for me, especially to my mother. I know we need to moves on but it will be very hard for everyone, especially to my youngest dog Gelo. Tutay loves Gelo so much and she treat him like a son. Gelo saw what happened earlier and now I can’t talk to him. He is very upset. It will not be easy for me….

Tutay in the picture….

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  1. Susan

    So very sorry for your loss. Our animals are family to us. I have two cats, but not together. I had my first cat for 14.5 wonderful years before he passed. To deal with the grieving, I got my second cat to pay the love forwards to her. That helped both me and her a great deal. Everyone grieves differently. Remember the poem “Rainbow Bridge” and that you will together again one day.

  2. Marie Edgerly

    I am sorry for your lost. We a puppy a couple years back that got parvio and the vet wasn’t able to save him. We cried so hard that day we put him down. I think he knew his time was up as well because he wouldn’t leave our side. Pets are like our family and so hard to loose them.

  3. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @marie42 this is not the first time I lose a pet, it is always hard. I always lose a pet when there is ill in the family. At present, I am the one that is ill. I can’t accept it and it will takes time.

  4. grace

    Only those who have pets will understand what it is to lose a pet. Sorry to hear about this. We too have lost many pets mostly to old age.

  5. Gil Camporazo

    It is sad. I could relate too as to how painful to lose a pet. Several years ago, we had a pet dog which was run over by a speeding motorcycle. Our dog which was unnoticed going out to the road. It is sad indeed. Well, we have no choice, but to accept reality.

  6. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @bestwriter I do agree, only those who have pets could understand how it is painful to lose one.

    @nakitakona13 it is more painful to see your dog die in an accident because it is not ill then just a stupid person will run over them. It is hard accept that.

  7. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @shavkat it is hard to start a day without her now. I always play a joke on her because she is the oldest dog I called her “thunder” sometimes and she hates that. Now I don’t have someone to tease.

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