The Disadvantage of Coming Out to Ask Help

As I had told you on my recent post, I asked the help of my online friends for donations and prayers. It is hard for me to come out and do that because I know what will happen next. I was not wrong but I still do not regret of asking for help because I really need it. When I started sharing my illness, help came pouring in. There are lots of message I received on Facebook. I even received some messages from individual crowdfunding sites at Twitter. I even made a GoFundMe (crowdfunding site/charity site) campaign, as advised by a foreigner friend because everyone is getting something from it. I did. I still have it. If you want to search, you just need to type this My Campaign for my Liver Surgery at GoFundMe. 

Everything is right until one day, some mean people telling me I am a scam. He is from different site I am in and keep telling everyone without any proof. Of course, this is just an isolated thing because he can’t prove it, but I am thinking of other people who had helped me with funds, I don’t want them to doubt me. Doubting about this charity and campaign is a natural thing, but I don’t wish to belong with people who scam people. In fact, if you will go to my GoFundMe campaign, I already told everyone to stop funding me. GoFundMe does not accept Paypal to transfer money and that is the first disadvantage. Second, they need US telephone numbers and for sure US bank account too. I don’t have both. A good friend provided me with her telephone number just to move forward but I don’t think she will share her bank account. Everything with it is difficult, so I rather not pursue that.

Getting back to the scamming thing, I am posting this one just to let everyone knows that I am not scamming anyone. I only ask for prayers and donating money is an option. I will not say no to donations as I really need it, but again it is an option. Thank you for this site for it is giving me a chance to explain myself. 


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  1. John

    There’s no harm in asking help to anyone, Grecy. Maybe you can ask help from DOH or Arnell Ignacio, he’s the AVP of PAGCOR now. Maybe you can try asking help from him. Will pray for you too!

  2. marilou luzon

    I fully understand u sis coz I been with ur situation when my mom need a surgery a year ago coz of abnormal ovary growth, I also tried to make an account to GoFundMe also but as u said they need some info for US residents only. I know God will send someone/something to help you out, dont lose hope!

  3. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @iwrite I want to know who is the head of NHA too kuya.

    @marichuy God already gave me people who will have true concern about my situation and I am happy and truly satisfied. I still need funds and still working on it on how to get it. I hope your mother is okay now.

  4. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @padmasrisriram sissy!! I am glad you join us in here!! I miss you!! I know sis, I cannot control other people on what they believe. I never regret coming out to ask help as it was such a relief to me and I will always be grateful to the people who never doubted me.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      It is your privilege to do it for you need help. Therefore, you don’t have to be ashamed of. Remember God helps those who help themselves.

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