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Without a doubt, President Duterte is making a wave from all walks of life. His promise during the election campaign is to “suppress” the proliferation of drugs that have been lurking in the country for decades! The old and the new breed of addicts/user/pusher and drug lords are roaming around this nation with no fear of getting caught, with protection from some uniformed men, before Duterte’s administration. 

Now it seems they are paying the price after they have been menacing the nation and to worsen drug menace in the country! Included in the list were 5 generals who protected the triads and the rest of the group. Even the NBP (New Bilibid Prison) was not spared from being the “nesting ground” for “cooking” meth and other drugs to sell with the street value of average from 30 to 50 pesos above per sachet or 100 pesos during these past decades.

Barely a month from being a president, the Duterte effect is making sure that the order is to be executed without delay. Of course, there are some concerns that need to be attended too, like the construction of rehabilitation center ASAP, if possible they have to be given livelihood after they are being rehabilitated. The drug lords who voluntarily surrendered were also given a chance to change their life. If they too are used they will be treated as the victim and probably they will join the other “drug dependent” for rehabilitation.

The increasing problem of the street vendor is rampant in Metro Manila area. They are like sprouting mushrooms everywhere from the streetside selling their merchandise besides the Churches, along the national road, near the office buildings, railways (though some of them were relocated and goes back to where they are before and they started their squatting business again). The vast of majority of people living in Metro Manila came from different provinces hoping to get a job and landed in the most depressing area like Tondo in Manila and Payatas in Quezon City.

The Duterte’s administration will address these problems with the solutions that will be carried out in the coming months or even years. With his promise to the Filipino during the election period, his vision for this country is clear to many Filipinos that at least, some easiness can be believed to achieve so that every single Filipino will have his 3 meals a day, that can suffice the need to change this nation who once were called the “Sick Man of Asia!”

Let the changing or the renewing of the mind begins with us!



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  1. Grecy Garcia

    Everything that he is doing starting for this solving drug problem is really good sign that he is an effective President. I hope he could able to solve all.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      That is correct. Though he is tagged as the “sick man in Asia”, but he isn’t not “sick” to get rid of those illegal drug lords and users.

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    It is nice if a politician acts on their promises. Not too many seem to do this! No person will be able to address or solve all the issues we have on this planet, but it is always good to see some progress.

  3. Gil Camporazo

    As of this writing, President Duterte hadn’t only “suppressed” the rampant of illegal drugs, but total liquidated those who were involved in drug illegal trade and usage.

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