The Courage Between Life and Death


Every single day of our life is a challenge to live. The every morning we wake up means a new  day to survive.We live our life and we have two options to choose for our life whether it is because we are courage with this challenges to live or we choose to live but at the end even if it’s not yet the day for our calling we may able to get killed early.It is because of the way we choose to live can cause us a bloody death.


Our society in nowadays, killings are getting rampant and these people choose to live in a short period of time. Like the killings about drug problems even if they were already told to stop doing it but still they choose to do the same wrong doings and it can a cause  of their  own  death.


While other people, even if they are already drowning and  dying because of poverty still they choose to live in a decent way in spite of their very low earnings . And  not enough to survive for their own selfs or families.


So we only have two options ”Live to get killed or live to survive for your life”. We have to think about it wisely. We can be abundant but we can only live for a short period of time or live for not enough until you reach the time that you can have more than enough to live.


The choice is yours in my case I prefer to live without a risk even if as of now my living is not yet enough but there is no risk as well as risk for my family because I do not like a risky way of living.


Photo credits: by Pixabay


  1. Shavkat

    We can never tell when death is really our fate in this world. It can be sooner or later. My father died so soon and it wasn’t because of what’s going on in our country. He got sick and didn’t make it after his surgery. However, we accepted the fact and the reality that we can’t control our fate.

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