Fear is so bad
So dangerous
It’s draining life away from me
I’m afraid
But for what?

22nd is the day
That can change my life forever
What I am not sure of
Is whether I’m ready for the news
That scares me
And no one can save me from it

Prayer can do
Plus agreements between us
But maybe we differ in priorities
Regretting isn’t good for this
Because she has changed my world
I have done my best by her side
She has made me have thousands of smiles
She has changed how I view life
And the 22nd might be a dream come true

But that only God knows
Because the shortest time we’ve spent
Has changed my life forever
How I dress
How I plan
How confident
How responsible
And even how I imagine my future
Records she broke
And no one has reached this far with me
But she has
So why not give her another chance with responsibility
Because every man wants
A responsible lady for a wife
And she is over qualified

One week staying together
Testing our compatibility
In a real setup
She brought her best out
Just like everyday
She treats me like a king
Like her real husband
So caring
So passionate
So compassionate
So loving
The real traditional African woman
The beta woman
Who knows her responsibilities
And never disappoints her man

If the fear of 22nd
Becomes true
With no doubt
With no more fear
I will take her home
Introduce her to my parents
Hold my breathe
And with a sign of victory
I will rejoice
Because the happiest man
Is one who believes in her lady
To be;
His girl
His lady
His fiancée
His wife
And his baby’s mama

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