The Finer Side of Blogging

I am true believer that positivism condemns bad intentions only by delivering outspoken bright aura of creation powers – nothing can measure with good and belongingness. That is true purpose of humanity. I am also a follower of idea that writing has to be something we truly love and enjoy, otherwise it is waste of time, energy and gives heartburn. If its all just money that you want, you’ll soon run out of words and easily discourage when you see your work is not earning much.

I have  friend who posts reviews to a website worse than the others. In my opinion it is a bad habit and I honestly dislike it. The good thing is that he places that bad reviews on his personal blog or in appropriate place like scam report websites, so interested parties like me, can give my own personal views and read all information I’m seeking.

Good thing is to read different reviews From different users then weigh it. See if whose speaking the truth and who is just throwing false accusations. It is unfair to other parties to come to one website that makes money by professional blogging and then try making defamatory post reviews against their competitors unless there are strong proof or evidence.

I can tell why I like a website better than the others. It is only because I truly like it better for my skills. At first I used to fear what will it be if I invest time, but now I fear less and worry less. I have reasons. My day job is horror and its time for vacation.

I join in professional blog sites that do not allow posting even in subjective way, they delete your post from email and you are not paid or published. I still learn from manuscripts they give me for free and I think they give very good advice.

I think that at some points a blog site shall avoid letting anyone post reviews of their business competitors. How about we incline writers to write professional, lovable and good hearted post instead of spam, flame and gossip things.

Subjectivity, even by note has no place where money is.

I know it best because I experienced it myself. I have to use cunning method to save my day job.

I don’t feel personal elevation by post is good like “how my morning went bad because of new gossip” and “how badly one’s pride was hurt because somebody shaved all his sheep”.

Shall all that unfortunate bold shepherd’s learn by bad attempts and failure, you should teach sheep not to boldly go with wolves, and not toss werewolves to wolves who will come back with horde even worse imagined at their command.

Is there a brighter side of blogging? Yes, there is.

Interested sphere that I cherish shall be a community like positive cotton candy website with people writing thoughtful smart post with passion that visitors shall eat like mouth-watering chocolate candies.

You are a baker? Are you an artist? Then your work shall always speak for you.


  1. Donna Thacker

    We are striving to make Blog Bourne a reliable, professional writing site, filled with good, honest information. You are right, writing is a passion that one must enjoy, not just earn money. Every craftsman has to enjoy what they do, or their earnings will suffer as well.

  2. Gil Camporazo

    This is the very reason why I have put up my blog site for I want to share my thoughts to my friends, work associates so that anytime they could access my works online. I have given justice to my hobby and my passion which is writing. You won’t find anything troublesome or with difficulty to write when you have the desire, and willingness to share and to develop yourself through writing.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      I put my blog site and I make it about movies because short snippets are easy to write for me. Also have help. It is all fun to me.

  3. Francine Labelle

    Because I have not written yet does not mean I did not enjoy your article. I also wish I could start to write like you do but lack of time is preventing me. Very interesting post with encouraging words and advice.

  4. Gina M. Menorca

    I like positive things. Writings with positive content are the ones that I really like. It. like good vibes after reading. But, sometimes I read stuff that is way out of my comfort zone. but,negative and positive there is good that comes out of it. it depends on how we tackle it for our daily life.

    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      If negative review benefits than it is another pair of sleeves. I wish we could all write about our hobbies and beloved activities, but sometimes it is reality that overcomes.

  5. Jo Pin

    Some of us only read what interest us. We write what we love to write. But I do believe, what don’t interest us have more value to learn from. Here, I try to read as much as I can and I am learning a lot from others.

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