The Future of 1 Peso



I just have realized more the importance of 1 peso when I started to get active on this site today. They say that 1 peso is getting no sense at all . Well, I must tell you not on this site because this site you help you more learn the value of 1 peso.


The every peso that we earn from here means a lot to me. I feel so happy every time I can see an every peso increase of my earnings here so imagine if you are really good and active with writing and with exchanging interactions here. There’s a lot of pesos that we can earn here.

So from now on I will truly give more value with 1 peso because it is not that easy to earn one peso by writing and by interacting here. Good thing that I am do really enjoying what I am doing so I do not matter if I do get tired all day being online plus the risk of that my eyes soars and headaches that I got because writing is not an easy job.

Imagine how difficult you need to produce in your mind what to write that must be at least something can catch attention to everyone’s eyes.
One peso for the future means a lot of importance in our life in our society. Imagine how can you have 100 pesos if you have 99 pesos in your hand when there is no 1 peso.

No matter where we go and what we do the value of coins is very important. In this site, we earn coins and not only that we earn knowledge, friends , enhancement from our ability to write .


I cannot imagine what a future can bring if there is no 1 peso. I belive that every single piece of coins involves with our future because this 1 peso can give us and will lead us to a bright future.


  1. artislee

    everything starts with 1. You can’t go anywhere without starting at something. Wouldn’t it be thrilling if PHP will be the number one currency? 😀

    1. Kyuminette Post author

      Yeah we always starts from peso just like this site that there is always peso

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