The Health Benefits of Passion Fruit

Passion fruit, or passiflora edulis, “is a vine species of passion flower that is native to Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina” (Wikipedia).. Grown in tropical and subtropical regions in countries like South and Central America, Asia, Africa and Hawaii, the colors of this round fruit can range from yellow to purple when it reaches maturity. The interior of the passion fruit are filled with numerous sweet seeds. Just like the pomegranate, the seeds of this fruit are edible. The fruit can be eaten alone or used as a sweet addition to juices, teas, ice cream, cakes, jams and a wide variety of other desserts. Not only does passion fruit taste good, it is good for you because of its many health benefits.

The Health Benefits of Passion Fruit

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Passion fruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber.  With almost two grams per serving, you are promoting excellent intestinal health when you include passion fruit in your daily diet.  If you suffer from constipation or want to prevent it, eating passion fruit helps keep you regular. The fiber from passion fruit also helps your bile ducts move the cholesterol out of your body more effectively.

Passion fruit is an excellent source of calcium. Some individuals do not get enough dairy into their diet. Some people just do not like drinking that glass of milk. Others are lactose intolerant and cannot have any dairy products. By including passion fruit every few days, you are helping your body by increasing bone density. Having enough calcium in your diet also plays a major role in lowering cholesterol.

Passion fruit is an excellent source of potassium which is needed to keep our blood pressure numbers at a safe level. When we do not have enough of this in our daily diets, we run the risk of getting high blood pressure. When you keep your blood pressure lower you run a less risk of getting a heart attack or stroke. The American Heart Association states that food that contains potassium play a key role in reducing blood pressure. With 63 milligrams per serving, where can we go wrong?

Passion fruit is excellent to include in your diet if you want to lose weight and or want to maintain your weight. Not only is it low in calories, it is an excellent source of protein. If you work out at a gym, you want to have protein in your diet. The protein is needed to build muscle mass and to maintain it. When you have larger muscles, the body burns more calories. Even if you are not into body building, if you want to lose weight, including body toning exercises with your diet will help you burn off that body fat faster.

Passion fruit stimulates the production of the red blood cells in the body. An anemic person benefits from eating this fruit because it is high in iron. Not only does this fruit increase the number of red blood cells and make them stronger, it improves the circulation of blood and oxygen throughout the entire circulation system. This also gives people, especially athletes, more energy and stamina because of its high levels of carbohydrates.

Passion fruit is a major source of Vitamin A and C. We need vitamin A for healthy skin and eyes. We need Vitamin C to boost our immune system and help us fight the symptoms of colds, the flus and other illnesses.

You may be able to find passion fruit and juice at your local grocery or health food store. Asides from the fruit and juice you can purchase other products that contain passion fruit such as:




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  1. Tania K Cowling

    I haven’t seen passion fruit at my market. I will have to look into this healthy fruit. Good advice.

  2. Lois Ryan Post author

    I only find it at my Wegman’s and that store can be expensive. We have a Sweet Frog (frozen yogurt) chain in my area and they have many toppings. One of them is passion fruit poppers.

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