The Importance of Promoting Your Article and Your Site

Some people who do not know much about writing think that you simply write the article, upload it to the site and you are done. Truthfully, writing your article is just the first step, if you want to succeed and make money. Just because the article is sitting there on your profile doesn’t mean people are going to flock to it to give you those all-important page views we all desire.


For instance, I would never have heard of Blog Bourne if Kyla Matton Osborne hadn’t done such an excellent job of promoting the site to social media. Writers have to think of the site they write on and the articles they publish as something they are trying to sell, much like someone who sells Avon or any other tangible item.

Where and How to Promote?

There are any number of social media sites you can promote your article on. The first step is to have a Google+ account. As soon as your article is published, share it on there. Write up a nice intro, add hashtags and send it out into Google Land. Facebook is another good place because you probably already have an account and a lot of friends who will see your article.

You can even create your own writers page on Facebook. But do not be a link dropper. What I mean by that is, don’t just paste your links there and never do anything else on the page. Keep it active by posting and sharing other things. Share a funny or entertaining Meme that pertains to writing, or make a post telling the readers what you are writing about that day. Engage them to keep them coming back.

Don’t forget to share the actual site that you publish on. If you have a referral link, share it and let people know you are proud to be associated with the site. Tell another writer about the site you write for and be enthusiastic about it. If there are downfalls, explain them but also state why you are okay with them at the moment.

Blog Bourne is a new site, which might discourage some, but also tell writers that while it is a new site, it is growing rapidly and has many excellent writers already signed up. Sell your writing site and your own posts as if you totally believe in their success, which you should. It’s like any other product. Would you purchase something from someone if they said, “Well I don’t like this, but will you buy it from me anyway?”

Promote Without Spamming

This sort of goes hand in hand with “link dropping.” If all you do is drop your link and disappear, you will soon get a reputation for spamming sites and groups. Social media sites, groups and forums are meant to be places for people to hang out, get to know each other and read interesting things. If your article has nothing to do with the group and has no value to the group members, do not bother them with your link.

Dropping irrelevant links and never staying to participate not only gives you a bad name as a writer, it also hurts the site you write on. After all, it is not only your name on that article, you are also representing the site because its name is on that article too.

Promote Your Site, Your Articles and Your Fellow Writers

Yes, time is money for most of us and we would all prefer to just sit and write, hit the publish button and go on to the next article to write. The thing is, a writer who is social and helpful to other writers and their writing site also earns a good reputation…not only as a good writer but as a good person as well.

Time your day so that you allocate a portion of it just for promoting and socializing. Don’t think of it as taking time away from writing, think of it as part of the job of being a good writer. Read some other articles while you have morning coffee. Leave a meaningful comment, or even ask a question to engage the writer. Be a writer with a strong social following and watch your success build.

Promote and be proud! Promote and be proud!


Writing is an art and a craft to be proud of. Promote your art, yourself and the sites you use with pride.

“I am a dreamer, a thinker, a weaver of words.” Donna

Image is from Pixabay CCO Public Domain/geralt


  1. Pat Z Anthony

    Good information shared here! Love the point about spamming. Some might not realize this is what they are doing when they place a link and leave the site without making a comment on the work to be read or viewed on the site they are visiting.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      Thanks Pat. Yes, we all get busy and in a hurry, but if we want to succeed at this writing business, we have to take the time to socialize and network…not just drop and run! And you are write, some do not even realize that just adding links without commenting or participating in a group or forum hurts them more than it helps them.

  2. Donna Thacker Post author

    Thank you. I hope to write some more articles to help improve and enhance people’s writing. I will be the first to say, I don’t know all there is about writing, but I have sure learned plenty…mostly through trial and error!

  3. Vickie Ewell

    The inner child wants to run away screaming when confronted with sharing my work. It’s been a really difficult concept for me to work through. My low-carb blog grew popular by just adding a link to the blog in my forum signature, and putting up a Pinterest board, but gluten-free forums won’t let you do that, so those blogs are a bit stunted. I’m thinking that I really need to create a gluten-free fan page. Thanks for the nudge.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      I used to be the same way about sharing. I even looked at it as a kind of “begging” people to read it. Then people started asking me to share because they enjoyed other things I had written. I have learned that sharing responsibly is all a part of the writing process.

  4. Tania K Cowling

    Great article Donna. Writers need to be reminded of the “do’s and don’ts” of writing on a social media site. It is so different than just writing articles for clients. Loving BB for the community spirit. Looking forward to reading more of your “writing” posts.

  5. Jacky Hughes

    I am trying to get braver with self promotion. I wish someone else would do it for me as I find it so hard to do.

    1. Donna Thacker Post author

      I was the same way many years ago! You just have to look at it as displaying your art and creativity…yes, writing is an art and we should all put it on display for the world to see. Some will like it, some won’t, but that goes with any type art or craft. Start small and just share to your Facebook page. Trust me, you will enjoy someone telling you they enjoyed what you wrote.

  6. Joy

    You shared some really good advice especially for writers on how to promote their content online. Social media has really been a blessing for many freelancers because it allows everyone to share and connect.

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