The Joy of Writing Online

We write online for a number of reasons. Some of us write for money or for recognition, or to share our expertise, or discuss books, movies, recipes and myriad of other reasons.

However over the time, our reasons for writing evolves into something else and those reasons are friendship, empathy and genuine concern for those who become our friends, regardless of their geographical location.

Isn’t this just great how people from all corners of the world come together to offer us support, encouragement and advice whenever we post our troubles here?

Isn’t it just great how people from all walks of life and social circles come together to offer us hope, solace and condolence when we tell them about a loss that we may have suffered?

Isn’t it marvelous how people of all skin colors and types wish us success and send warm wishes our way when we tell them about our new job, or upcoming interview or school exam or near birth of a baby?

isn’t it just great when people offer us congrats when our baby is born or we achieve a goal or we are just happy?

Are we doing this all for money? Maybe in the beginning but now I would like to think this is because we have come to know some of the people we regularly respond to and because we genuinely care or because their stories touch our hearts and because we can empathize and sympathize and because we know that joy is doubled when shared and sorrow is diminished when someone cares.

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  1. Profile photo of Grecy Garcia
    Grecy Garcia

    I love this blog! Everything in it is what I feel in writing blogs. You know what, in writing, I meet different people from different country and most of them donated money when they found out I am ill. Without a doubt they helped me and most of them are continually helping me, isn’t it wonderful??

  2. Profile photo of Kyla Matton Osborne
    Kyla Matton Osborne

    What a beautiful post! I wish that I had a “Love” button to express how strongly I feel about it! You words are so eloquent and you ‘ve captured beautifully the way so many of us feel about our writing friends. Thank you! 😀

  3. Profile photo of Gina145

    I agree entirely. If it was just about the money I’d probably have quit a long time ago. Nice comments make it all worthwhile.

  4. Profile photo of Joan Adams
    Joan Adams

    Indeed, I am thankful for every friend I have discovered on line – and met a few of them in person! what a joy! what a super learning experience!

  5. Profile photo of Barbara Radisavljevic
    Barbara Radisavljevic

    It is feeling connected to those other writers in a writing community such as this that keeps me writing in it. Many of us have come to know each other over the course of years as we migrate from site to site. It would be nice to just settle down here and stop wandering. I write for the same reasons you do.

    1. Profile photo of Dawnwriter
      Dawnwriter Post author

      Yes Barbara. I am also a bit tired of wandering from place to place. I loved Helium and Persona Paper because these two site had ‘character’ and this is very important for me. I also hope we can settle down in one place and not forced to hop from site to site.

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