The Lady Of The Forest At My Grandparents Valley

My grandfather is a gentle and kind to all his grandchildren. He lived in the small hut with his beautiful wife in a valley near the mountains, forest, and rivers. He owns lots of animals he has birds, carabao, cow, chicken , name all the domestic animals and I believe he has one or two or a plenty.

My grandmother is hardworking who loves to cook and her garden is amazing, in the front yard of her house there are flowers of different kinds, on the sides are assorted herbs that soothe everything from medicine to teas. At the backyard are root crops. It was heaven.

Every summer I was always excited to spend vacation them. He would always be the one to ask permission from my parents. The trip to my grandfather’s is by water, he has a boat which we paddled through the small man-made the route in the middle of Baka wan   trees. I would be very quiet for the duration of the trip because I was warned not to make a sound.
My escapades   during the day include swimming in the river, helping my grandmother in her garden, feeding the animals. My favorite was joining my grandfather to his trips to the forest collecting logs for the fire, and fetching our drinking water, and riding at the back of carabao, climbing at the fruit tree .

One day, it was raining. I wake up without my grandparents. I looked for them everywhere near the house and they are nowhere to be found.  Too impatient to wait, I end up at the forest. Too tired of walking I end up sitting in a tree. Then I saw the beautiful lady of the forest my grandfather has been telling me.
She looked just as I imagined her to be, A beautiful lady with a long hair that is flowing. Wearing a white beautiful dress. She is smiling at me and beckoning me to her side. Mesmerize, I approach her slowly. She held my hard with her soft hand and together we walk side by side. She scolded me for wandering the forest which is too far from the house and not to worry because my grandparent was just visiting a sick neighbor. She walked me home.

Every day we would meet at the forest while my grandparents are napping after lunch. We would play and sing and dance. One time she invited me to her house. It was a beautiful house in the middle of the forest. She said she live alone that she would like me to be with her but my parents would be very sad.
When my grandfather found out my encounter and my meeting with the lady he immediately deposited me in the boat for we started my journey home. I was crying because I have not even say goodbye to my friend. Then again, I saw the lady crying too and waving goodbye. And that is the last time I saw her. My parents never send me back to my grandparents on summer.

Photo credit from pixabay


  1. N Sri Naga Jyothi

    I love my grand parents house because it is just before the beautiful narrow lake, the other side of the lake there is Agriculture lands, actually it is a big lake flows 4 villages through and finally it meet with Godavari river.

    Your article made me to remember my grand parents place. thank you.

  2. Jacky Hughes

    The mystery of forests and lakes and a strange woman who befriends a child. I like the theme. It is the sort of thing that happens in a childhood imagination. For me, there was a grain silo and farmland and endless rounds of cucumber sandwiches cut from crusty bread.

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